Is the official story about the Oklahoma City bombing a lie?

Astounding evidence that the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was done with explosives inside the building, not from a truck on the street, that Timothy McVeigh was an undercover agent of the government, not an anti-government terrorist, and even that his execution may have been faked. Sounds crazy – but only to those who are not aware of the facts in this report. -GEG


  1. While I publisher of a magazine called The PROBE (996-1999) I wrote an article addressing this very point. After talking with a Brigadier General who spent his life with munitions and another scientist in the petroleum industry who trained soldiers in making improvised explosives there was simply too much evidence that actual explosion came from INSIDE the building. Even ABC or CBS (I could look it up if you like) mentioned that a seismograph in OK city recorded two seperate explosions around 9 seconds apart. The UHaul on the front street was a diversion. The Media is easily manipulated by those in officialdom. They wanted a lone nut bomber as the fall guy. I found a fertilizer bomb is among the least efficient explosive weapons you can make. The energy in the bomb drops very quickly from the point of its explosion. The Brigadier General I interviewed displayed chart with the decreasing energy for the fertilizer bomb they told the public was used to destroy the Murrah building. In reality it would have only broken a few windows in the building. My article explored some of the reasons for this and the misinformation applied to cover up what really happened. There were efforts to correct this but they failed. A real tragedy as it helped those behind it feel immune to performing other similar operations in America and blaming political targets they wanted eliminated. I am also aware of Tim McVeighs desire to become more involved with the intelligence world. Similar to L.H. Oswald in a few aspects, both were used as patsy’s.

  2. I totally agree it was an inside job! Just like Ruby Ridge, Waco, Panama, Red Beckman, William Cooper, I could go on!

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