EPIC Battle: Helen Lewis vs. Jordan Peterson

This is a full-on battle of wits and ideas between reality and illusion – a video interview produced by British GQ magazine that will keep you on the edge of your seat for one hour and forty-two minutes – and wanting more when it comes to an end. Just about every collectivist cliche imaginable is demolished by Professor Peterson with skill and elegance. Peterson at his best. -GEG

Source: YouTube



  1. Every ill-formulated comment she makes opens presents least a dozen doors to open – how he can even pick one is an act of brilliance in and of itself. I’d be lost.

  2. Fantastic interview indeed. Interestingly, why is it that part of the interview was cut out of the final interview (i.e., at 52:49) when he was repeatedly asking Lewis about the reason for women to wear make-up?

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