Government Expert Witness Confirms Vaccines Can Cause Autism!

VIDEO: Sheryl Attkisson reveals in her TV program, Full Measure, that a scientist was silenced by the US government after reporting that vaccines can cause autism. In 2007, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman was the government’s top witness in a federal vaccine court case and he testified that vaccines did not cause autism. Now, he says that, during those hearings involving more than 5,000 vaccine-autism claims, he privately told government lawyers that vaccines did cause autism in some children. He says the Department of Justice immediately had him removed from the hearings and then used a misrepresentation of his views to debunk claims against vaccines. In 2018, Robert F. Kennedy, Junior, convinced Dr. Zimmerman to document this deception, which he did. Kennedy says that Congress is not interested in rectifying the problem, because most congressmen are on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry. -GEG

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