Was Epstein’s ‘Suicide’ a Scapegoat Ritual?

In Biblical times, it was common for societies to put the blame for their sins and failures on a goat and then sacrifice the goat to the gods to cleanse their guilt. Tuthstream Media suggests that Epstein was intended to be that goat for hypersexualization of children in today’s society. Instead of the sacrifice, however, there was a change in plan, and he was ‘suicided’ and not delivered to justice. This was done, not only to prevent trial depositions from revealing the names of high-profile celebrities and government officials who would have been drawn into the net, but to make people feel helpless and passive, knowing that the justice system is corrupt. The moral fabric of society is being ripped apart to allow corruption in high places, destruction of moral values, and the normalization of hyper-sexualization of children. The old order does not resist if it believes that these things now are normal and resistance is futile. Published by Truthstream 2019-8-20.  [Source]  [Cached]


  1. You are assuming he is dead. Big mistake. We have zero evidence of anything just a tale… He is in all likelihood worth more alive then dead.

  2. I agree with Jon, Epstein is alive and well and has a new face that none of us will recognize. He is worth much more alive than dead, and was whisked away to s safe haven and capable plastic surgeon ( who by the way should fear for his own life now). However, I predict that he will be discovered if and when any criminal indictments are handed down for pedophilia and child trafficking., especially against the Clintons or their close circle.

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