Hidden Players behind Global Corruption

Source: https://youtu.be/sYUjyH8Y0No.

Charmian Gooch is a British anti-corruption campaigner and co-founder of Global Witness where she works to expose and stop corruption involving the exploitation of natural resources in the developing world for the personal gain of local political leaders and international corporations. In this presentation, she provides shocking examples of how deeply entrenched this practice has become and how high the corruption goes within all governments including those that speak eloquently against corruption. -GEG

Source: TED Talks/YouTube


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  1. Did the Congress have the authority to create their own Federal citizen? Was the fourteenth amendment properly ratified? Which came first; the citizen or the constituted Federal government?

  2. Do “We the people” as known and understood by the preamble to the Constitution still exist? I think not.

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