What is the Hidden Agenda behind COVID-19 Lockdown?


Author David Icke reminds us that the coronavirus is a serious threat only to the elderly and those with preexisting health conditions or compromised immune systems. He argues that lockdowns are a monstrous over reaction. He suggests that those who are vulnerable should be given medical care and protection against infection, but the rest of the population should not be prohibited from working, which already has sent the economies of entire countries into a tailspin. This will lead to far more poverty, suffering, and death than the coronavirus. Virus hysteria is being created for an excuse to restructure the world based on a totalitarian model. (Original date: April 2020)

Source: LondonReal / YouTube

Source: LondonReal / YouTube – banned

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  1. Awesome information,not surprising,but I am convinced it’s about destroying the US as we know it, establishing a one world government The creating the trillions of dollars of fake money will only accelerate this

  2. Love it!
    Some one finally telling the truth!
    More people we’d o wake up.
    I work in the food industry. It is unbelievable how some people are reacting.
    Come in full hasmack outfits! So dumb. Killing their immune system

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