Scientist Challenges Popular View of AIDS – A Virus is Not the Cause


David Rasnick, PhD, has been involved in medical research for over 20 years and was active at the beginning of the search for a cure for AIDS. Gradually, he became aware that the most fundamental assumptions behind this research were wrong. For example, there never has been a retrovirus that was harmful to humans. Since HIV is a retrovirus, it is unlikely that it would be an exception. All known viral diseases have particles that can be isolated and shown to infect other humans, but this has never been possible with HIV. He says it is an AIDS passenger virus but not its cause. It has become a boogieman to sell HIV tests that don’t work and medications that do harm instead of good. This recording was made public in 2018. -GEG

Source: David Rasnick / YouTube


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  1. Videos like these which are being taken down by “do no evil” Google need to be replaced on a website which allows one to download it to their computers similar to how MacX YouTube Downloader does it. If it is a copyright issue then I understand but Google and FaceBook are taking down fully valid videos and audio with evil intent. Google does a lot of really good things but controlling who will be the next President of the U.S. and other issues is not among them. Mr. Griffin, you need to find a way to allow downloading so that the digital items can be shared, otherwise, they will not endure for future humanity, as there are forces, evil forces, who wish to rewrite history according to their own predilection.

    • Hello Robert. All of these videos can be downloaded if you have a “downloader” program. They are readily available, and many of them are free. Two that I use are 4K Video Downloader and Allavsoft.

  2. Article “Scientist Challenges Popular View of AIDS – A Virus is Not the Cause” is of no use – video is missing

    • That is one of the videos that still awaits being uploaded after Vimeo canceled our account. Hope to get it back up soon. Thanks for your patience.

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