How Covid-19 Statistics Are Falsified – and Why


David Icke goes where most men fear to tread: into the treacherous land of statistics. What he uncovers will amaze you and then fill you with outrage. He will show you why the most common test for Covid-19 cannot tell the difference between Covid-19 and any of the other strains of the Corona. Those other strains are relatively harmless, and most humans live with them in harmony all their lives, but their presence will cause the Covid-19 test to be positive. Bingo! 20,000 more ‘cases’ of Covid-19 hit the news. If you don’t like being deceived by con artists pretending to be scientists and public-health experts, you need this information. We may not be able to endorse David’s views on everything covered in his numerous books, but we have no trouble signing on to this one 100%. 2020 Mar 28 – Source: Truth VJ MC DirtyWork

Source: David Icke / YouTube


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  1. Oh my….please check us out. Our team cares to protect children, elderly and the most vulnerable. Thank you for this post and your work. We have been muted on Twitter for pointing out NAMI who is an illegal nationwide network set up since Addiction Medicine was introduced in 2015.

  2. I was looking at the Coronavirus map for the whole world. I have to ask is anyone seeing how the United States is the only country that is just plastered with this virus from one end of the other. While every continent only has a few dots. I am even looking at Italy and scratching my head, wondering where are all the coronaviruses in their country. San Marino and Rome are the only two places that I see that has dots on it. Where in the world is the epidemic in Italy? We are being lied to, and everyone is eating it up like an ice cream cone melting in the hot sun.

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