Is America Following the Same Path as Nazi Germany?


Kitty Werthmann was born in Austria and saw Hitler’s rise to power. When you hear her vivid description of the enticements Hitler offered to the German people and the gruesome consequences of accepting those enticements, you will be shocked to realize that exactly the same things are happening in the United States. The process has advanced much further since then. This video was placed on YouTube in 2013, but Mrs. Werthmann had been delivering her message long before that. A 90-minute audio version was recorded in 1983 and is available on DVD at The Reality Zone

Source: Eagle Forum / YouTube
Mrs. Werthmann’s 1983 speech, titled Lesson from Austria, is on DVD and included in Volume III of The Audio Archives, available at The Reality Zone. It is 90 minutes and greatly expands on the video version recorded in 2013.


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