New York Funeral Directors Say COVID-19 Deaths Greatly Exaggerated


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas spoke to several funeral directors in New York who say the number of reported COVID-19 death is greatly exaggerated and that no one is testing. In his opinion, NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio is looking for federal funding and, the more COVID death certificate they can create, the more federal funds they receive. Original date: 2020-04-30.

Source: Project Veritas / YouTube

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  1. YES, I firmly believe this COVID-19 PANDEMIC is all fake news and totally unwarranted response by the medical system and ignorant politicians whom aught to know better. The main issue is, how do you get the politicians and Health system back on a truthful track to return to a normal state of affairs. G. Edward Griffin has some important news that the politicians should take heed to.

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