The Trayvon Hoax – Witness Fraud to Divide America


Filmmaker Joel Gilbert has released his top-selling documentary film “The Trayvon Hoax” for free viewing. It shows how the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin became the event that triggered a wave of animosity by blacks against whites based on the belief that the shooting was racially motivated. Gilbert reconstructs the event, largely from phone records and Tweets that prove race was not an issue. The most astounding aspect of Gilbert’s investigation is that the primary witness in the case was Trayvon’s girlfriend, Diamond Eugene. Gilbert discovered that the girl on the witness stand was an impostor who had been recruited to lie about her identity and to give false testimony. It was that testimony that was used to justify the riots in Ferguson and Chicago, and to allow the media to portray America as racist. This documentary has the character of a who-dun’it mystery story. It will hold your attention through every step of locating the real girlfriend – and then exposing what is arguably the most blatant judicial fraud of history – especially considering the terrible effect it had on the social fabric of America.


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