Robots at Your Door to Check Vaccine Status? They are Working on it.


It’s called contact tracing, and it’s for your own good – or so the story goes. We are told that those killer viruses are here to stay, and they will be getting worse as time goes by, so don’t even think about getting your normal life back. It’s sad, but liberty and privacy must be junked if we are going to save mankind. Initially, there will be swarms of people newly employed by the government, given badges, virus test kits, vaccine syringes, and guns, to visit our homes at least once per week to check our health status – and administer corrective measures, if necessary. Eventually, robots in the shape of humans and dogs will take over, and they will do a better job because they will have no pity for anyone who objects. In this presentation, you will learn what is planned and see the amazing robots that already are in service. You are not going to like this video.


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