Doctor Says COVID-19 Death Statistics are Criminally Fraudulent


Dr. Pamela Popper, teacher and consultant in the field of nutrition-based medicine, reviews the COVID-19 death statistics and shows they are deliberately falsified to make the numbers larger than they really are. When she talks about the unbearable price attached to this lie, she is not talking about the economic price of a crushed economy but the psychological and spiritual price that burdens the vulnerable and the helpless. Some are driven to such despair as even to take their own lives. She concludes that it’s time for the American people to stand tall and just say no to lock down, social distancing, vaccines, and all the rest of the pandemic theater. 2020 May 26 – Source Pamela Popper


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  1. Sugar, and thus Metabolic Syndrome is the real culprit. I see no government proclaimations telling people this; presumably because simple nutritonal change prevents BigFood and Pharm making a large profit.

  2. I love this gir!!! I just love the way she wakes people up with her style, even the really stupid ones must be able to understand her and get it.

  3. What is sad is that it is painfully obvious what is going on, yet most people seem to embrace this as “theirs”, and don’t you dare try to rain on the parade. This is the real sickness, brought on by decades of indoctrination.

  4. People are stupid, how do these idiots get away with these lies, comes to mind.

    Its easy to fool people, a lot harder to convince them they have been fooled.
    Fear, Fear controls people, wake up.

  5. Thank you. The lies told by regular media get sooo old. There also appears to be brain control and a subsequent anger/hatred by those that believe the dishonest statistics and drama which also tends to add fear and depression to those who believe the lies. We only wear masks when we need to buy something and even then I refuse to cover my nose area. You’re much appreciated.

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