Doctor Says the COVID-19 Hoax Could be America’s Last Hurrah


Sherry Tennpenny, MD, has spent most of her medical career sounding the alarm about the health hazards of vaccines and the politicization of pandemic science. This program is a train load of information on just about every aspect of these topics. Here is a sampling:

● Why COVID-19 is a “nothingburger virus”.
● Why tests for coronavirus have no validity.
● Why COVID-19 is the same playbook used for previous viruses.
● Why the polio vaccine caused polio instead of preventing it.
● Why vaccines being developed could be more deadly than the virus.
● Why drug-company profits are guaranteed by the government.
● Why vaccines contain ingredients that reduce male fertility.
● Why lockdown is a weapon of war against life and liberty.
● Why “we all have to stand up and say, not only no, but hell no!” Interviewed by Spiro Skouras on 2020 May 4 – Source: Activist Post / BitChute


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  1. this should prompt the gun owners and would be gun owners. Come knocking on my door to force me to take a shot; someone is gonna get blown away.

  2. As most of us I condemn as well Vaccination by Gates, Social distancing, 5G technology and the entire conspiracy behind these scams.
    How Different is Gates from the Nazi Dr. Mengele? Dr. Mengele was named the Angel of Death. (the White Angel). Gates is danger wolf in the sheepskin coat. People who know history can see this connection.

  3. How can we get them all together. I, too, think Trump would listen if he had the right, educated people in the same room with him.

      • I surely hope so Mr. Griffin. We need for our President to hear the truth. In 2015 Trump agreed with Michael Savage during an interview that the NIH is corrupt. We need to not only defund WHO we also need to shut down the CDC (which is nothing but a drug company), the NIH and PEPFAR (which is a slush fund Corey Digs has proven that and so has Amazing Polly). We also need to end tax exempt foundations once and for all.

        • Foundations ? Most all are nothing but hideouts for leftist political agendas. I totally agree. End their tax exemption. For my # 1 e ? Defund the crooked FBI. They have been Loon political agenda crooks that can ruin everyone they want to. Take the Gen. Flynn case.

      • Ed, it’s perhaps a bit off topic to ask in this forum, but since I just crossed your path here, I’ll ask anyway. Probably close to 20 years ago, I used to buy cases of used copies of Creature From Jekyll Island, for a markedly reduced price. I’ve been thinking lately about seeing if it’s still possible to do that. Do you or someone you know still sell used copies of that work? I can think of a lot of people I know who could benefit from reading it.

  4. President Trump is surrounding by enemies. If we could get RFK Jr, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Mikovits, Dr. Buttar, Del Bigtree into a room with the President he would surely put an end to this crap. Those pieces of legislation must be repealed. That action alone will force big Pharma to be accountable or go out of business.

  5. I have 20+ yrs experience as Medical Technologist in hospital laboratory testing, so I have a valid ability to speak. I will use my on personnel experience. First, I am highly susceptible To flu. I always received the flu vaccine while working. The two in a row, I missed getting the shot and got the flu. Yet, I stayed home really sick for a couple days,and back forced back to work in hospital. So much for not staying home and not spreading flu! The year I retired, my new doctor gave me the flu shot. About 2-3 weeks, I got the flu, but instead of a quick recovery, I have never been so sick. It took me literally a month to recover. Since then I refuse all vaccines being pushed by my doctor for pnemonia,shingles, flu, etc. I have not been sick since, going on now for 6 years. I researched and discovered the bad effects of vaccines, one being damage to one’s immune system.

  6. The people must let their government know that this will not go over well it they try and mandate vaccinations as compulsory. They must also know that we WILL protect our families if they come knocking.

  7. Seems to me that the REASON for the 2nd amendment is about to become evident. COMPULSORY doesn’t’ fit in my vocabulary or way of thinking.

  8. Lets hope these videos convince people to walk the other way, great doctor.
    This is a smoke screen for the collapse of the economics these banksters and corrupt governments have created, comes to mind, lies and more lies, wake up people.

  9. Sherri T. is absolutely correct. It’s a shame Gates didn’t clean up Africa instead of killing people with vaccines. This is what really got rid of polio.

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