Why Doctors Prescribe Drugs for EVERYTHING


Dr. Bruce Lipton is a pioneer in Epigenetics, the study of how attitudes and emotions affect biological functions. This is a montage of the highlights of his long-form interview by Brian Rose on London Real. Everyone knows the power of the placebo effect in which the expectation of healing often cures an ailment even though the treatment is a sugar pill. Dr. Lipton extends this concept to what is called the nocebo effect in which negative attitudes and emotions – especially fear and anger – can cause ailments to occur. He excoriates the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession it controls for treating all ailments as though they were solely related to genes and pathogens, a convenient assumption that justifies the sale of drugs and vaccines that, in many cases, cause more illness then they cure. This five-minute video delivers more facts and insights than most two-hour documentaries. Original date: 2018 Sep 26.

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  1. People need to know this. How many people are living miserable lives and as a consequence they are probably shortening their life. But no one will tell you because there is no profit in it :/ I am doing gerson therapy: nutrition + spiritual currency = health.

  2. Agree. I am told my comment is too short !
    First we need to get rid of stuff that is harmful and second get the nutrients that the body (cells) need. First part is sometimes called detoxification. Toxic metals might have entered our body through wrong diets and they accumulate in our organs so they don’t function as they should. Second part concerns lack of minerals in our soil which even if we eat ‘well’, they are not there. The cells need them to function well. I recommend Dr. Peter Glidden website for more info.

  3. For your biology to work properly it takes more than consciousness. You have to give your body the necessary elements which can only be found in natural foods and avoid the poisons that are found in junk processed foods. Only then will you be able to attain physical and mental health. Once you give your body what it needs and stop giving it what harms it, then and only then will it begin the healing process. No amount of positive thinking will cure you unless you do this first. It may make you feel better to some degree but you will not be cured. Drugs are a huge scam. They treat only the symptoms while making you even sicker.

  4. Quick thought for you and your wife: can you find a doctor who will work with you and prescribe a ‘sugar pill’? A bit deceptive, since you can’t tell your dear wife, but you may save her life. Sounds like she ‘believes in doctors’, and there are doctors who are very skeptical of Big Pharma, and may be willing to work with you.

  5. I have listened to this doctor a lot, excellent, I must get one of his books, just don’t know which one.

  6. My wife is suffering from Parkinson and is taking several prescribed drugs and this is an eye opener.
    But convincing her that her mind can heal her is nearly impossible.
    But I will try to help her realize that she can get off the drugs.

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