Money & Power – Hidden Agendas behind COVID-19


G. Edward Griffin was asked to record a summary of his view of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is his spontaneous response: There is an abundance of bad science to be seen in pandemic statistics, attempts to flatten the curve, and touting vaccines as the ultimate solution. Much of this also involves fraud and deception, so there is more to it than simply making an honest mistake. What, then, could the motive be? Mr. Griffin answers: money and power – money to be made by the pharmaceutical industry, and power to be gained by the political industry. These forces have partnered to spread fear to anesthetize the public’s ability to question the official narrative. Original date: 2020 June 12.

Source: Red Pill University.

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  1. Hmmm. Very strange. I’ll take a look. Perhaps we need to reduce the resolution a bit to make the file size smaller.
    OK, I checked it and it is pretty much like most of the others insofar as bit rate, so I also am puzzled. I’ll ask around to see if anyone has an idea of the cause. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Very god presentation👍
    Hopefully this will enlighten those who believe in trusting blindly all authority without questions
    God Bless red pill university

  3. Dear Mr. Griffin,
    Ever since reading your book “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, many years ago I have become an ardent follower of your work. I have come to have high trust in your research, and am actively doing my best to promote your truths. If we fail to understand and combat these enemies with truth, I fear the results will be ultra undesirable. Keep up your great work!

  4. It is my personal opinion that when one of these Covid vaccines become marketable, it will eventually become mandatory, and will therefore serve as the justification for all freedom loving Americans to defend their hearth and home with deadly force when the authorities come to our doors to administer the vaccine, and to finally, at long last, kick off the Second American Revolution.

    • I am compelled to add that the Second American Revolution was kicked off a little over a hundred years ago when we were saddled with central banking and collectivist ideology taught in the schools. It’s just that most Americans were not aware the revolution was underway and failed to show up to oppose it. The Second Revolution was won by the enemies of freedom long ago. Now, we are facing the necessity of a Third Revolution to recapture the system we did not know we lost – until now. A final thought is that, just as the Second Revolution was waged on the battlefields of monetary and ideological principles (not with guns, bayonets, or bombs), so it must be with the third one. Shooting it out at our front door against our neighbor’s sons in police uniforms has zero chance of victory for freedom. That’s why Red Pill University has a program for ‘boots on the ground’ that does not wait for the knock on the door or sole reliance on the Second Amendment. The time to begin is now, and the place to begin is by becoming part of RPU here.

      • Your excellent information is being hindered by extremely slow streaming. I use a phone line fibre optic cable to access the internet, as I don’t trust wireless technology, but I have no problem streaming anything else. Even if I down load in advance, the stream is constantly interrupted – the powers who would rule us do not want this heard. Can you fix this? Thank you for your work, you have my undying appreciation and respect.

        • Miranda, I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble playing our videos. That is a surprise because we have had zero complaints on that score. Just to be sure, I played several of our longer videos on two different computers and different browsers, and the responded perfectly – no delays at all. The fact that you are having this problem only with our web site is a mystery. However, I will be especially alert to any indication of this problem and will be sure to act on it if it occurs. Thanks for letting me know.

          • I, too, have not yet been able to listen to the whole session due to slow streaming. It just won’t buffer so I get 5 seconds at a time and then it stops. I thought it was my iPad but it won’t play any better on my PC when other videos are fine. This is DSL, so it’s not the best, but still, other videos play fine. Love your content, Mr. Griffin, and I share it.

  5. I am concerned about the force behind the vaccination protocol. I have no intentions of accepting one but am worried that it will prevent me from being able to travel by air and refusal of access to many other public venues.

  6. Can remember someone asking me many years ago “How much do those in control want?” My reply was “Everything”

  7. Great clarity of the issue. Something I find particularity appealing about your method of presenting is your lack of need to be sarcastic. There are some with equally powerful and well represented messages, but their sarcasm, though almost infinitely warranted, can make someone sitting on the fence likely to jump back down on the other side, as it seems an unkind disrespect.

    • I find Jon Rappoport’s sarcasm quite entertaining But I suppose the issue, and the considerations that the virus is real, should be handled with more “respect”
      —- the virus actually is “real.” – Since you’ve got to have a little bit of truth to make lies appear acceptable.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective. I agree with everything you said. Fear for the promise of safety is the premise for manipulation and control.

  9. Dear Mr. Griffin,

    Thanks for fighting the good fight for all of these years and for getting this vital information out there. I’m doing my part to help spread the word and I’m grateful to inherit the truth, no matter how disturbing it may be. The truth and the facts will prevail!

  10. WoW! Great thoughts ED! Thank you for sharing your opinion and researches about COVID-19! I personally abound in this direction with no doubt.

  11. Mr. Griffin,in connecting the dots I would like to add the importance of what the corona testing is all about. Taking a swab of your throat is obtaining everyone’s DNA for a very specific purpose. Your DNA is the computer operating system of a human being. By having your DNA they can manipulate and change you through all of their bioengineering capabilities.

  12. Dear Mr. Griffin,

    Are you aware of the good treatment that can be googled “MATH+ virus treatment”. Was discovered during SAR 1 or 20 years ago. Look into it.

  13. The predators-that-be and predator-class (pro-tyranny one and all) are doing everything they can to create totalitarian tyranny everywhere on planet earth.

  14. Mr. Ed,
    Good work as usual Sir. Good to see you again after all these years.
    Martin Armstrong has documented the identical issues.
    Gates gave Fauci’s organization One Hundred Million. I do not recall the exact size of his contribution to WHO, but his owner ship position is right up there with the Big Pharma owners of the private, U.N. affiliated organization run by an African with a dubious history.
    He gets his loyalty the old fashioned way, like Soros, he buys it. The Hundred million Soros gave Black Lives Matter is now being put to his mandated use as we speak.
    The masses of the Sheeples cannot comprehend the EVIL that is done by the mega rich and powerful to push their agenda of choice.
    Perpetual wars for perpetual profits is at the top of the list, as you mentioned.
    Afghan and other Middle debacles now costing many Trillions, and slaughter of many Millions of innocents, ours and theirs, is massively EVIL.
    This virus HOAX scam that has destroyed MANY Millions of lives with the shut down of the economies is beyond comprehension, and will the magnitude of it will only be revealed in the coming months od information releases. Beyond brutal without a doubt, world wide.
    The original data HOAX published by a lone B.S. “expert”, in the U.K., named Ferguson, stating that “MILLIONS WILL DIE”, WAS THE ORIGINAL SOURCE FOR THE ORIGINAL LIE, that WHO spread, and poor Trump got bagged by Fauci, who is still spewing lies to this day.
    Like the U.N. sponsoring Greta, a simple child used for a “useful Idiot”, to push the global warming HOAX for more Taxes, like France put in to very ill effect.
    BTW our favorite big time criminal organization, the FED, with their magic computer generated debt money bail out of the entire world, is also bailing out 15 of the worlds other Central banks, as they are toast also. EU is the big recipient naturally with the Japanese CB next. Only about Five Hundred Billion shoved out the door there so far. The giant world wide Fiat debt PONZI scheme teetering on the edge of the cliff looks like to me.
    Keep on trucking Sir. Screaming into the wind sometimes, but it needs doing for sure.

  15. It is good to have a source of information that is dependable, accurate, and above all, trustworthy. Nice to know age has not diminished the wisdom of Mr. Griffin. I have known him since the 70s, have read his books, watched his films and attended his speeches. God bless.

  16. Mr, Griffin…Always Thank you for the real Truth…I am 80 years old and have been very aware how
    Deception..Fear…Lies and Distractions combined are used to SCAM the world for Profit & Power…I
    call them the BIG FOUR…They never fail…I have been reading you for many years…Nick

  17. G. Edward, you’re a legend, and one of our godfathers (of truth research). So its informative / good to get your analysis/assessment of the situation (of this operation) since you have such seasoned veteran eyes when it comes to having observed the modus operandi and psychological operations of the shadowmasters. Grateful for you taking the time to make this video to give us your take. Stay well ! We love you, brother! Also, for any interested: (1) I thought Sage of Quay had a good take on the COVID operation too, as a practice drill and temperature test, here’s link to his 2 cents:
    (2) Along with the “planned-ness” foreshadows like “Event 201”, here’s a piece of “planned-ness” evidence you guys may not have seen. In 2014 a guy Harry Vox highlighted info in an interview (looked like a cable access type show) from one of the Rockefeller Foundation 2010 white paper reports “SCENARIOS FOR THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT”, and IMPLICATIONS OF WORLDWIDE POPULATION GROWTH December 1974 Kissinger national security memo report. Rockefeller Fndtn also has their total control grid COVID testing plan proposal paper up on their website. Anyhoo, the excerpts that Harry Vox reads in the interview from the info projected in the two aforementioned reports (2010, Dec 1974) is verbatim what has unfolded with and been implemented for the COVID 19 protocols / measures. With the mandating of masks and the quarantining. I don’t know when the video will be unavailable, but for now, it’s still available on YouTube at both “Helen of DeStroy” channel, and “NotOftenTold” channel. Here are the links you guys, check it out:
    His twitter handle is Voxnews1
    Our mocking “PLAND-demic” term for this whole COVID operation is backed up by all the indicators, from their own white papers. Love everyone in this community who’s awake, searching for accurate knowledge, and has love for their fellow man. Stay well everyone!

  18. Edward, excellent explanation of this con, I am a maverick I know all this, but you try telling people that they are being fooled, is hard, they are so convinced by the bbc and Boris, he even caught it, did not go on ventilator, which I know kills you, his doctor must have known.
    I know that Rothschild and co own all these big Pharma and also the drug cartels, it fact there is not much they do not own, the answer destroy the money system they control.

  19. Thank you Mr. Griffin:
    Your message is powerful, yet it’s given with a low key delivery, which lends more credence to the simple, clear message you put forth. I hope you are aware of the nurse who has been doing her own undercover work in a NY hospital, where she states that people are being murdered through use of the ventilator, which over inflates the lungs & destroys them. People who are low on the economic ladder are being used in large numbers. It’s a bit hard for some to get through, due to religious references of the main commentator, but over 50% of it involves this nurse’s statements & undercover work:

  20. Thank you Ed, this will help those who are still in the process of awakening… PS: I added some perspective to you directly via e-mail. Look forward to your feedback. Thank you!

  21. It’s just a loony, how many videos and articles are being written and produced to discredit all of the truth. Calling everything a conspiracy theory and hiding the truth… The world has gone absolutely crazy. I am astounded at how brainwashed people are. Thank you for all of your service.

  22. As always, I appreciate your views Mr. Griffin. False flags are the banks bread and butter and organizing the masses is like herding cats. Education at the grassroots level works even in North Korea and I feel that education is our salvation. Stack some silver and gold, teach humility and respect all people. We are but a grain in the sands of time!

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