The theory of evolution has only one tiny flaw: No real evidence


David Berlinski holds degrees from or has taught at Columbia, Princeton, Stanford, Rutgers, and University of Paris. He has authored books on higher math, systems analysis, biology, Newtonian physics, and the theory of evolution, which is the topic of this program. Yes, there is lots of circumstantial evidence for evolution, but no scientific evidence. The so-called evidence really is conjecture and, in most cases, the same ‘evidence’ can be used to support either the theory of evolution or the theory of intelligent design depending on the conjecture. The startling fact emerges that the theory of species evolution has never been confirmed by scientific method. 2008 Apr 23.

Source: Coldwater Media

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  1. I loved his comment: “The only thing you should take from your experience is the standing refutation of the doctrine of the survival of the fittest that every high school instructor in biology provides.”

  2. “The theory of evolution has only one tiny flaw: No real evidence.” A simple high school graduate can pick apart the crap that is passed off as evidence – despite all of the flowery “sciencey” sounding BS.

  3. Not very convincing. There is additional evidence for evolution through natural selection through genetics and others and common sense4. I have really never heard a convincing argument against it and i have listened to numerous “debunkings”. Also, evolution through natural selection is not incompatible with a creator, in fact it is more convincing, since the creator would, as he does in everything else, start out with the basic laws of physics , chemistry etc. and let things proceed from there… the idea that he would constantly intervene to create new species, not only does not make sense, but is an extraordinary claim that itself needs proof. A good discernment of what is a valid statement and what is not is needed here…. a correct perception of reality.

    • Evolution REQUIRES an increase in genetic information. Where does this come from? Evolution massively assumes that randomness magically produces a new and improved product. This would still require NEW genetic information not just re-arraging existing. How did sexual reproduction arise from asexual reproduction? In the latter, both male and female would have to be perfectly formed and funcational at essentially the same time… Good luck with that.

  4. The Mount Saint Helen’s eruption cut a not so grand canyon in a few hours that mirrors The Grand Canyon in construction; water flow, deposits, etc. Without catastrophic burial there are no fossils. Caron animals, weather, and bacteria destroy the remains. Evolution is a philosophy. Go read the definition of “philosophy,” and see: ‘The main premise to which all data is made to conform.’ Evolution is not science BY DEFINITION. Evolution is statistically-mathematically impossible. The rock formations in England that Charles Lyell used to ‘prove’ Uniformitarian Geology are much larger that he hoped and extend under the English Channel and Normandy. Thus they prove a catastrophic formation; no Uniformitarian Geology, No Evolution. Darwinian Evolution is a faith based philosophy.

  5. Good from evil and man becoming like God…Man is about to try and become God making eternal life and eternal hell. God never created hell, mankind did. Good Versus Evil. Godlessness versus Godliness.

  6. I’m a retired geologist and archeologist. If you know your subject,you can quickly cut through this man’s sophistry. It is clear he knows nothing about the principles of sedimentation and stratigraphy, fossil seriation, and relative and absolute dating. What is his agenda? I suspect it is young earth intelligent design, but he won’t say. If you believe the Grand Canyon is somehow evidence for “Noah’s Flood,” like Ken Ham does, let me disabuse you of that notion with this video produced by Christians:

  7. This man is brilliant, however, he is blind refusing to accept the reality of creation; the facts lead us to only one direction, that there is an all powerful living God, all mighty, all knowing, omnipresent, that created this earth and universe and everything in it. He is unchangeable in His being, wisdom, all power, holy, goodness & truth. There is nothing that God can’t do except sin. He is pure & sinless & He (Jesus Christ) provided the only sacrifice for sin that the triune God will accept. God’s Word says “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. He also provided the only sacrifice for sin that He would accept, God demanded a totally sinless sacrifice, that only He could provide which He did in the Person of Jesus Christ; He died on the cross for the sin of every human being, because God’s Word says” the wages of sin is death”; He died on the cross and shed His blood for our sin and than rose from the dead 3 days later conquering death for everyone who places their faith & trust in Him. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved. Ac 16:31

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