How Nazis and Socialists Conquered America


This is the personal testimony of Kitty Werthmann who saw Hitler’s rise to power in pre-war Austria. He did not conquer by force. He was eagerly welcomed by the people because the Nazis promised free health care, guaranteed income, unemployment benefits, free nursery care, equality for all, gun control, and other enticements that, since WWII, have become deeply embedded in the American political system. Americans did not learn from the mistakes of the German people and now must pay a horrific price for their error. 2013 May 11

The audio of Kitty’s presentation is available on CD as one of three lectures in Volume Three of the Audio Archives. The audio version is called Lesson from Austria and can be obtained at The Reality Zone.

Source: Eagle Forum of California

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  1. Ron Corbyn, you are exactly correct. There is NO moral equivalency between the National Socialist regime of Germany and the Communists you mention. The Communists are setting out to destroy Western Civilization and have done, and are DOING, a pretty good job of it. Hitler actually was trying to PRESERVE Western Culture and defeat the scourge of Communism. Although both had shortcomings, the Communists are the ones who have killed upwards of 100 million or more, not the Nazis. The Germans were frankly doing TOO WELL for the greedy bastards in the ‘West’ (who hate the West) to bear. Germany had to be destroyed then vilified. The Kangaroo Court of Nuremburg was disgusting. History was then written by the winners to put Germany in the WORST possible light with no redemption possible. 4 million Germans perished in a conflict Hitler tried to STOP no less than 20 times. 8 Million died AFTER the war by murder and starvation. It was GENOCIDE during and after the war. No one wants to talk about THAT genocide do they? It is ANOTHER inconvenient truth. We can only talk about the evils of one group but not the evils of another. Very odd thing that is, isn’t it?

    • Hello Wayne. I just want to enter into the record that, although we have no desire to censor viewpoints at Need to Know and although there is no doubt that there has been a lopsided treatment of the crimes committed by Nazis while hardly mentioning the crimes committed by Communists, we do not agree with your benign assessment of Hitler or the morality of Nazism. Both Communism and Nazism and based on the underlying ideology of collectivism, and therein lies the problem with both. There are no good guys in this scenario.

  2. Excellent video, the truth, in the uk we have no guns, what this lady said is coming true in every country, you speak to people and they think I am from another planet, just look at covid 19, what a joke.

  3. It’s absolutely amazing how the human brain works. People can literally HEAR something being said by someone who LIVED THROUGH this and still can’t get it. It’s like being born with cement in your head.

  4. How can George Soros commit Treason FOREVER and not be prosecuted? Its an orgy of Greek fraternities. NO ONE HAS COMMITTED TREASON IN AMERICA FOR 50 YEARS? WHAT A LIE. WHERE IS THE FBI?

  5. I’ve posted a few things on YouTube. Recently I thought Vimeo might be more politically neutral. But your experience suggests otherwise. What alternative video platform are you using?
    I met G. Edward Griffin at a NY Libertarian Convention.

  6. Having read many books about WW11, I was able to agree with and understand all of what this lady talked about. I am going to pass the video on to many people here in Canada who I know worship the socialist (Communist) government that we have here under Justin Trudeau. This man is the worse thing that has happened to our country.Thank you for the video, and keep the news coming. WWGOWGA.

  7. 30% unemployment in Germany led to Hitler and Nazism. Why do you think the predators-that-be today are artificially creating 30% unemployment? I mean … duh! Because they know they will be able to implement absolute totalitarian dictatorship, because most humans are abject morons.

  8. While many do not like Trump. I feel he is the only politician fighting to maintain the Republic.

  9. This is pure bunk! If you really knew the truth about Germany and the war you would know the Germans weren’t the bad guys the Soviets were. Sadly the Americans got involved in a war that was none of their business.
    The end result was the Soviets taking over Poland and East Germany later. Bad move. If you want to learn the TRUTH read The Myth of German Villainy by Ben Bradberry, that will explain the whole story without American propaganda and lies.

    • Jim, while it is true that the Germans were not the bad guys, their Nazi leaders were. The same was true in Russia. The Russian people were not the bad guys, either. They were brutalized by their Soviet leaders. It’s always that way when a nation adopts collectivism, which was done in both countries.

      • Churchill knew, and only Churchill, that Germany was a buffer that throughout modern history kept Russia at Bay and he obviously was right. Hitler was an insane sociopath along with Stalin.

        • Wrong. You failed the Hitler test. that suggests that you have a poor understanding of history as well as present day events. Stalin was a psychopath. He far exceeded any one’s fears and nightmares. Hitler brought relief to his people in his time. if you truly wish to be red pilled, read Benton Bradbury’s the myth of German villainy.

          • It certainly would be of value to read this but please do so with caution. It contains a lot of truth but not ALL the truth. Information not favorable to Hitler is omitted, but it must not be assumed it does not exist. In truth, it’s hard to find any genuine good guys in this period of history. It was – and still is – a battle between two forces, both of which are based on the ideology of collectivism.

      • and yes the sentiment about the national socialists in this video is bunk. I completely agree with Jim Rizoli. I don’t believe that the leadership in the National socialist went rogue. That’s not how things worked. The focus is always on Hitler. the Jews need a villain. They have to keep beating that drum so they keep the shackles coming in as they extort money from all the nations of the world. They also infiltrate the various governments including ours. National socialism is not our problem Jewish communism is. Because of the NS approach in dealing with Communism, and the Jews, if we had them installed today, we would not be having the problems we are having. We would not be having unemployment, there’d be no government takeover oh, there would be rioting of minorities in the streets. National socialism has not affected our nation unfortunately but communism has.

        • Hello Diane. I will not belabor the point here, but I want the record to show that I disagree with this appraisal. Bottom line is that there is close to zero difference between socialism and fascism/Nazism, national or international, run by Jews, or Christians or Moslems, Europeans, Chinese, or any other group. In the end, groups do none of the harm we detest but individuals within those groups do. Therefore, let’s talk about the individuals who are responsible. Otherwise, we will be forever divided and at war with each other.


  11. I would encourage everyone to revisit your understanding of Nazi, Germany including the woman is this video. The victors of war; write the history. Author David Irving would be a worthy start.

  12. Kitty Werthmann: “America is the greatest country in the world … IF WE CAN KEEP IT.” Incredibly relevant today. Her speech is from 2013, but it’s incredible just how pertinent it is in 2020.

  13. The similarities are rather stunning and a bold example of what’s taking place, has been taking place and seems to have an historical record of persisting throughout the known history of mankind; as though the earth was nothing more than the circular hamster wheel of mankind.

    • When you have a Satanic conspiracy to rule the world, you get a planned attack on humanity. We’ve seen this carried out through Fascism and Communism around the world using various leaders and their countries as “test cases”. Today we see the latest and greatest effort in China where the CCP is the Cabal’s latest attempt. Of course when you have nefarious plans you must control finance, education and the media as your propaganda and control tools. Americans have been systematically dumbed down about our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. In this way Collectivism can pick away at our freedoms Which has been happening at least since 1913, if not earlier. Thanks for this video!

  14. The decades of pro-American, pro-life, pro-liberty activism and education this woman has dedicated herself to may be the biggest single reason for South Dakota’s stalwart position today as the only state in the Union to resist the imposition of “The Lock Down”! The people will not change course until they understand what is happening, and who is making it happen. NO ONE can watch this video and not begin to understand! If nothing else, the parlor patriots who sit in dark corners, chewing their nails, wishing someone else would DO SOMETHING, can forward this video tape to everyone they know, and buy and distribute this DVD.

  15. Thanks fir keeping RPU up and running. I will be sending support as soon as I can afford it when we get back to work full time. Your mission is invaluable to all Americans!

  16. I really don’t know what to think about Werthmann’s speech. It sounds like the description of a communist government. National socialists tried to preserve national pride and German and Western culture, not destroy it like communists do. I don’t countenance any form of totalitarianism, including Hitler’s. I like constitutional government answerable to the people, like the U.S. once had. But, I just can’t equate Hitler with Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, and the Ziocommunists who hijacked and are deliberately destroying the U.S. and the West in favor of installing a World Government hq’d in Israel. Through the U.N. Agenda 21/2030 program, it is shaping up to be far more totalitarian than Hitler ever envisioned. There will not be one iota of freedom left if this vision is realized.

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