An Idea Whose Time has Come – Your Life & Liberty Depend on it


There have been many proposals for ways to reverse the global tide of collectivism, but none have worked. In this address, G. Edward Griffin, explains why that is so. The reason is so simple, it will astound you. Once we clear away that single barrier, the plan for a counter force falls quickly into place. 67 minutes that could change your world view – and your future. This was the first public presentation of Freedom Force International. The date was June 11, 2006 – history in the making.  

Source: Red Pill University

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  1. Mr. Griffin was always ahead of his time. More people should have taken heed to his warnings in the 1960s and we may not be in this mess we are in today.

  2. I guess that depends on what legal system you are in – which depends on the culture in which you live. Unfortunately, a “legal” definition of something often is different from a commonly accepted definition within a particular culture. The culture I want to live in would have a legal system that defines an individual as a human being with intrinsic and first-priority rights to life and liberty and to such property that may be essential to sustain life and liberty. As applied to rights, I would define intrinsic as being an element of life, itself, an essential component of the whole being that exists at the instant of conception and lasts until the instant of death. That means human rights are neither created nor granted by the state. I would define first priority as meaning that individual rights are supreme over any real or imagined rights that may be claimed by other individuals on the basis of their superior number.

  3. After being apathetic, I am in the freedom fight. Thank you, Edward Griffin. I now work with state candidates to flip our blue state red. Trench warfare. Flag out. In God I trust, but I do the next step each day. Am on Twitter, Parler, and FB, not being silenced. Most of all, showing at local events….doing what I can. Don’t give up before the miracle, as they say in AA.

  4. Since the Act of 1871 which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain.
    The Constitution became the Articles Of Incorporation and have been expanding ever since. We became slaves under article 14. Donald Trump is the President of that Corporation and the heads of the Six World Banks are the Board Of Directors.
    We do not need to rise to power within that corporation. We need to return to the land via the Declaration of 1776 and reclaim our birth certificates / trusts / estates. We need people who understand parse syntax and can rewrite the deeds to our real property (land) using metes and bounds and distinguishing Ownership (not tenants) to a “Living Person”.
    The government system that we are being bullied by ended December 21, 1999. Russell-Jay:Gould and David-Wynn:Miller claimed the flag and filed with the UN and Post Office. Explained here:
    This is how We The People can reclaim our country, ourselves, and the future of our children and children’s children.

  5. Thank you for this thoughtful speech. You have summed up the problem succinctly: freedom-minded individuals find power distasteful, and our enemies cannot get enough of it. Worse still, our enemies KNOW this, and have gradually rigged and complicated the system to make it even more unpleasant and near-impossible for outsiders to enter. Can the corrupt, nearly-illegitimate Federal government be redeemed by fresh-faced patriots? It seems hopeless, like joining the mafia, CIA, Vatican, or a Mexican cartel, thinking, “Boy, I’m gonna work my way up and turn this thing around!”

  6. I have an idea that might help save the struggling world. If someone could find a movie producer that could make a movie (probably a series)on the greatest FREE book ever written at, , it would be an overwhelming hit and have huge results worldwide in promoting peace.I have spent over a yr. condensing the book that is 25% longer than the Bible & truly enhances it greatly. I can furnish the manuscript. My email add. is [email protected] – do not pre judge book too soon w/o reading – great surprise! Have faith that few have.

  7. So…flip the Illuminati script and re-insert a mirror? Religious warfare is on the Horizon. There’s only been an ebb&flow of this pro/anti- religion and each side has acted Horrifically towards any who oppose. This seems impossible because it cannot be achieved within one mans allotted lifetime. Thanks for your work and let me know how I can help✅

    • Samuel, thanks for asking how you can help. The two things we need most at the moment are (1) more people getting Red Pill University announcements in their email every-other day and (2) more people willing to support our mission financially. That’s it. To get more people seeing our work, a good way to do that is by forwarding articles to everyone on your email list and others also. Th help us financially, become a Patron of the University by clicking here. Many thanks ~~ G. Edward Griffin

    • Samuael, thanks for asking how you can help. The two things we need most right now are more people seeing our materials and more people coming on board as Patrons to help us financially. To accomplish the first, the best way is to forward favorite stories to your friends by email. For the second, here’s the link for becoming a Patron. Many thanks ~~ G. Edward Griffin

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