How Joseph Stalin Concealed the Death of Adolph Hitler


The death of Adolph Hitler has long been shrouded in mystery and in suspicion that he escaped to South America where he assumed a new persona and lived in luxury until death by old age. This suspicion was fueled by none other than Joseph Stalin who spoke about it and defended the story until his own death. This documentary uncovers the hidden documents and the testimonies of those who had primary information about this matter. Some of those who gave testimony were kidnapped by Stalin’s agents and spent most of their lives in prisons and concentration camps to ensure that their testimony would not be heard. This is the story of how the truth was eventually discovered and what the motive was for keeping it hidden from the world. ‒2020 Apr 30 – Source: DW Documentary


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  1. “The Nazis didn’t loose the second world war, they just had to change venue.”
    Michael Ruppert
    “It is impossible to understand the history of the post war era without recognizing the survival of the Nazi International.”
    Dr Joseph Farrell
    This doc is German State Disinfo for people who don’t do their own research.

  2. The way the final advances were being made against Germany were all-too predictable as to how they would end. If I had had Hitler’s resources in 1945, I surely could have made good plans for escape, rather than be trapped like a rat in a bunker. One body double with a mustache? They apparently intended using gasoline to incinerate bodies, which would knowingly have left dental remains at worst. It wouldn’t at all have been beyond Hitler’s conniving and wherewithal to have a body double be outfitted with teeth that closely resembled his, even adequate to fool Kaethe Heusermann (with the several gold ones in a row, which apparently was the main confirmation for her). I find the documentary’s failure to consider this alternative a flaw, possibly a fatal one.

  3. While the Allied countries, then as now, are commanded & controlled all by ‘exogenous’ (L ‘other-generated’) big money, without much in the way of stakeholder involvement, Allies have next to no collective intelligence, bad design, poor engineering, design for obsolescence-failure, garbage with recycling options etc. All these reasons of Economic Democracy were the primary reasons why the Axis fought WW1 & 2. Allied moneyed oligarchy after millennia of colonial genocide extraction & exploitation, killing/genociding 100s of millions of people throughout Africa, the Americas, Australia, Middle & Far-east were just too powerful for the Axis. Centralization of false ‘capital'(L. ‘cap’ = ‘head’ = ‘collective-intelligence’) into the hands of the select oligarchs & their trickledown submissives has eliminated intelligent design. The Windsor, Rothschild & Vatican-bank trillionaires control the key false ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) issue by the US-Federal-Reserve, Bank-of-England, Bank-of-International-Settlements, World-Bank & International-Monetary-Fund. Control of money issue gives oligarch total command & control over all governments in all matters. I’m not justifying war on anyone’s behalf. Just saying the Axis fought for humane reasons any people can identify with. In this ongoing culminating age of oligarch abuse to the limits of the biosphere’s capacity to support life on earth, we are all challenged to know about our once worldwide ‘indigenous’ heritage of peace, prosperity & just plain old well-planned humane economy.

    • G. Edward Griffin, I noticed you edited out part of my comment going into the Participatory laws of Germany & the other Axis powers. I commend you for doing a wonderful articulate & sensitive editing job, helping to bring the comment down to a manageable length for easier reading. Thank you. This war subject is very complex & normally buried by the controllers of MSM. Keep up the great work.

  4. This was a great film on Hitler’s death. Especially the parts about the dental assistant, Kathe Heusermznn. How could anyone survive and thrive after all that? Amazing.

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