MIT Scientist Says Viruses Do Not Harm or Kill Us


Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, a scientist at MIT, conducts a crash course on the immune system. Viruses and bacteria comprise a large part of our bodies, and we live in harmony with them all our lives. Any potential harm they may cause is blocked by an efficient immune system. These things become pathogens only to those whose immune systems are impaired by such factors as old age, toxic load, malnutrition, and unhealthy life style. However, if the body comes under attack by a new toxin to which humans have never developed natural resistance (such as heavy metals, glyphosates, GMOs, vaccine additives, or EMF from cell towers and satellites), the immune system defaults to an aggressive attack against almost everything, including healthy cells. This is called a cytokine storm. This self-attack by our own out-of-control immune system is what makes us sick, not the pathogen. In most cases, we recover in due course but, in extreme cases, the damage can cause death. Conclusion: Stop chasing bacteria and viruses, pay attention to the things that are the real cause of illness, clean up your environment, avoid toxins like the plague (which they are) and deliver full-spectrum nutrition to your immune system. 2020 March 13 – Source: Shiva Ayyadurai, YouTube source taken down.


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  1. At 18:21 Dr. Shiva mentions that the immune system ‘attacks it’s own cells’. I do not believe this to be correct. IF the immune system attacks it’s own cells it is ONLY if the cell are damaged and need to be eliminated. When this starts to happen it is not the fault of an overactive immune system but a very weak and degenerated body due to toxicity, poor food and degenerative lifestyle choices. When maggots were put on Russel Crow’s shoulder wound in The Gladiator film, the maggots only ate the garbage and then left … they did not eat the whole arm !

  2. The video must have contained accurate information because it was “… removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

  3. Tho most of us are too flummoxed (by contradictory info, worries, etc.) to comment here,
    hopefully Griffin realizes that many of us viewing his submissions actually feel that his breakthru efforts to clarify & perspectivize re economics~politics are among the most important endeavors of any human, for the benefit of all, ever.

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