Comments from exit surveys


#10 ~ 2023 Aug 12–14
Des Moines, Iowa

#9 ~ 2022 Nov 12–14
Salt Lake City, UT

#8 ~ 2021 Nov 6–8, Lafayette, Louisiana


Blast from the Past

Previous Red-Pill Expos

(This page is under development.) In the early stage of building a program for the next Expo, it is impossible to say who will be presenting or what their topics will be but, if you want to  know what to expect, there’s no better way than to check out our past events, so here they are. Also be sure to read the comments from our exit surveys. They are not cherry-picked to include only the good. They truly represent the incredibly high level of attendee satisfaction. This is why Red Pill Expo is widely acclaimed as the premium event of its kind.

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Red-Pill Expos are produced by Red-Pill University as a public service providing free access to the world’s finest collection of archived video documentaries and commentaries in the fields of liberty, privacy, and natural health. All faculty members and administrative decision makers are volunteers. We are motivated by the desire to dispel the myths and expose the crimes that currently are destroying the fabric of a free and healthy society. This endeavor is sustained by donations and enrollments by patrons of the University.

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