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Reality Field Trip  . . . . 

2019 Nov. 8-9
Evening reception on 7th
Rising Star Resort
Mesquite, Nevada
Close to Las Vegas

Although numerous need-to-know topics will be addressed, several of them are ticking time bombs and demand special attention. There is no room for mistakes, and to deal with them effectively, we must take an information deep dive.

We will bring to the podium, not just one expert, but as many as it takes to cover all aspects of the issue –  and even to present different points of view. When experts disagree, we need to know what both parties are saying.

We are assembling our faculty for this event and will announce their names and topics very soon. We can tell you, however, that two of the ‘deep-dive’ topics are:

1. The Grim Truth about 5G
2. Mass Shootings Caused by Anti-Depressants, Not Guns

The Rising Star Resort is also noted as a Sports Ranch because it has great facilities for athletic teams to practice and hold tournaments. The facility is clean, comfortable, very affordable, and family friendly – no smoking – and no casino.

There are abundant transportation options between the Las Vegas airport and Mesquite, including a shuttle service. Car rentals are about as low as you will find anywhere. The drive between airport and resort is about 40 minutes. Las Vegas is noted for low airfare.

We are working hard to get everything together and soon will publish ticket prices for physical attendance and online viewing. 

Please mark your calendar for November 9 and 10 with arrival on the 8th … and be sure to check back soon.

G. Edward Griffin


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2020 in June
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