As a student, you will have access to a steady stream of awesome presentations, 365 days per year, much like what you may have witnessed at one of the Red Pill Expos. This will put you in possession of life-changing information that now is blocked by mainstream channels of communication.

You also will have access to the Red Pill Forum, where you can get new ideas, make new friends of like mind from around the world, and form coalitions for effective action.

If you are motivated to expand your knowledge and delve more deeply into specific issues, you will want to enroll at the Scholar level – or higher – to access the University archives and special features.

When your crusader gene kicks in and compels you to take action against the forces of destruction that surround us, you will have the option of joining with others into a local ‘campus’ of Red Pill University where you can become influential in local movements that impact social and political policies.

Monetizing the Faculty

A major portion of your tuition fee is paid to faculty members who generate the University’s course material, many of whom have been denied advertising revenue from YouTube and Google Ads. It is our goal to have sufficient tuition revenue to make it possible for faculty, not only to continue their work, but to expand it. So, please be generous when setting your tuition level. These great researchers and teachers deserve our support.

To encourage you to select higher levels of support, we have included some incentives. For example: posting rights on the Red Pill Forum, perpetuity access to the archives (including past Expos), cash credits toward future events, and even a free $2,000 gun-safety training course. 

We are in the early stages of building the University, and functionality still is limited. How long it will take to develop all the features we have planned will depend on how many of our friends respond to this proposal. As usual, it’s just a matter of funding. Naturally, we are hoping for a few significant donations to accelerate the process but are not depending on them. We are determined to bootstrap this entire project, if necessary, and are proceeding accordingly.


All students receive a free subscription to G. Edward Griffin’s Need to Know News and receive credit toward attendance or live stream at future Expos or Freedom Force events equal to two-month’s tuition. This credit is available immediately upon enrollment, so it is possible to enroll and sign up for an event at the same time and receive credit toward the event equal to twice the initial cost of enrollment. Neophytes have access to all regular posts and archives for 90 days. Scholars have access for 1 year. All others have access in perpetuity. Neophytes have access to the Red Pill Forum on a read-only basis. All others can post comments. The series called For Your Eyes Only is a premium live stream of faculty and guests discussing specific items in a no-holds-barred environment which includes online questions. The $2,000 gun-safety course is provided by a company that is a leader in this field. It even includes providing a gun during training sessions. The following chart compares all these features.

Student Level Monthly Tuition Need to Know News Credit toward events Access to faculty courses & commentary Red Pill Forum Your Eyes Only $2k gun-safety course
Classrooms[1] Archives[2]
Free Trial 15 days[3] Yes Yes No Read only No No
Neophyte $3 Yes Yes Yes No Read only No No
Scholar $12 Yes Yes Yes Yes Participate No No
Mentor $25 Yes Yes Yes Yes Participate Yes Yes
Academic $50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Participate Yes Yes
Custodian $100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Participate Yes Yes
Benefactor $500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Participate Yes Yes

[1] Last 30-days courses and commentary.

[2] All courses and commentary regardless of date.

[3] The default level is Mentor but, before that goes into effect, students will have an additional 15 days to change it up or down or to cancel completely. It can be changed or canceled at any time after that.

$3 / Month
$12 / month
$25 / month
Most Popular!
$50 / month
$100 / month
$500 / month

We have one more level, not included in this chart, called Founder.
Founders are those who are moved to make a substantial, one-time donation or endowment. There is no perk or reward that could begin to match the value of this level of support. In addition to what is already shown for the Benefactor level, all we can offer is an opportunity to create a better world and our profound gratitude. If you would like to discuss this option, please call the President’s office at 805-497-0685 and ask for Mr. Griffin.

How is the tuition spent?
 To provide an uncensored platform for the world’s finest teachers in the fields of liberty, health, security, and prosperity.
 To enable producers and commentators to monetize their productions which, otherwise, would be blocked from ad revenue by Big Media conglomerates.
 To provide a single source for truth seekers to find a wide spectrum of commentary on issues that deeply affect their lives.
 To manage a global communications center to meet others of like mind, exchange ideas, and come together on projects of mutual interest.
 To create an environment where advocates on a wide range of issues can find common cause and solidarity within the freedom movement.