Enjoy the Classrooms 

As a student, you will have access to a steady stream of awesome presentations, 365 days per year, much like what you may have witnessed at one of the Red Pill Expos. This will put you in possession of life-changing information that now is blocked by mainstream channels of communication.

Create Alliances

You will have access to the Red Pill Forum, where you can discover new ideas, make new friends of like mind from around the world, and form coalitions for effective action.

Take the Deep Dive

If you are motivated to expand your knowledge and delve more deeply into specific issues, you will want to enroll at the Scholar level – or higher – to access the University archives and special features.

Become A Leader

When your crusader gene kicks in and compels you to take action against the forces of destruction that surround us, you can join with others in a ‘campus’ of Red Pill University to participate in movements that impact social and political policies at the local level.

Become A Guardian

When you are ready to assume an organizational role in Freedom Force International, which is the genesis of Red Pill University and Red Pill Expo, you can become a member by meeting three requirements:

(1) Be enrolled at Red Pill University at the Scholar level or higher,
(2) Agree to uphold the principles expressed in The Creed of Freedom and The Code of Conduct, and
(3) Participate in organizational work. There is no additional cost for Freedom Force membership. It’s about dedication and commitment to the mission.

Monetizing the Faculty

A major portion of your University tuition is paid to faculty members who generate the University’s course material. Many of these teachers have been denied advertising revenue from YouTube and Google Ads, and some have been banned altogether. It is our goal to have sufficient revenue to make it possible for faculty, not merely to continue, but to expand their work. Please be generous when setting your tuition level. These great researchers and teachers deserve our support.

Early Responders

As you can see from the this web site, we are in the early stages of building the University, and functionality is limited. How long it will take to develop all the features we have planned will depend on how many of our friends have enough faith in what we are doing to be early responders. It’s just a matter of funding. Naturally, we are hoping for some significant donors to accelerate the process but we are prepared to bootstrap the entire project, if necessary, and are proceeding accordingly. Those of you who support us during this early phase are appreciated more than you can imagine. Thank you.


Need to Know News, G. Edward Griffin’s news and analysis three times each week.

Online Forum, a place where members exchange ideas and launch projects.

Local Campus Activism, boots-on-the-ground to influence political and social policies .

Classes, video presentations by University faculty.

Audio Archives, G. Edward Griffin’s personal collection of rare and historic recordings. 

$2k Gun-Safety Course, by a top company in this field. Includes gun during training.

The following chart shows which benefits apply at the various levels of enrollment.


$3 / Month
$12 / month
$25 / month
Most Popular!
$50 / month
$100 / month
$500 / month

We have one more level, not included in this chart, called Grantor.
Grantors are those who are moved to make a substantial, one-time donation or endowment. There is no perk or reward that could begin to match the value of this level of support. In addition to what is already shown for the Benefactor level, all we can offer is an opportunity to create a better world and our profound gratitude. If you would like to discuss this option, please call the President’s office at 805-497-0685 and ask for Mr. Griffin.

How is the tuition spent?

 To provide an uncensored platform for the world’s finest teachers in the fields of liberty, health, security, and prosperity.
 To enable producers and commentators to monetize their works which, otherwise, are blocked by Big Media.
 To provide a single source for truth seekers to find reliable information on issues that deeply affect their lives.
 To enable a communications center to find others of like mind, exchange ideas, and form coalitions.
 To create an environment where advocates on many issues can find solidarity within the freedom movement.