Red Pill University is like Red Pill Expo all year long. These are the additional features.

Hangout in Classrooms

Each classroom is a video channel that belongs to a faculty member who is a world-class expert in his or her field. You will have access to a steady stream of reality presentations 365 days per year. 

Form Alliances

The goal of RPU is to bring people of like mind together to make friends, share ideas, and form a global coalition to bring about change. Red Pill Forum is the starting point for this journey.

Take the Deep Dive

If you want to delve deeply into specific issues, you can enroll at Mentor level or higher to access all components of the University Archives, soon to be the world’s largest repository of information on liberty, health, and natural law.

Bypass Controlled Media

A significant portion of your tuition is passed on to faculty members, many of whom are denied revenue from YouTube and Google ads, and some have been banned altogether. We help these great teachers and crusaders continue their work, so please be generous when choosing your tuition level.

Develop Leadership

When your crusader gene kicks in and compels you to take action against the forces of destruction around us, you can affiliate with an RPU ‘campus’ to participate in activities that impact social and political policies at the local level. That includes recruitment of candidates for public office. Notice we did not say choosing and supporting a candidate from a list prepared by others. We are talking about creating our own list. If we wait until the options have been determined by others, the outcome of the game already is determined.


Need to Know News, G. Edward Griffin’s news and analysis published three times each week.
Red Pill Forum, a place where members exchange ideas and launch projects.
Special offers and discounts at Red Pill Expo, Reality Zone, and a wide variety of merchants who are in harmony with your world view.
Video Archives:
    1. Public Domain – Classic presentations from beyond RPU.
Crash Courses – Great presentations by faculty members.
    3. Events – Total programs from Red Pill Expos and other large-scale events.
    4. Productions – Documentaries and other programs with high production values.

The following chart shows which benefits apply at the various levels of enrollment

We know you are not looking for benefits

This list of benefits is impressive, but we know you did not come to this site looking for perks and discounts. Most likely, you came because you know something is very wrong in the world and you want to see if Red Pill University has what it takes to set it right.

No matter how valuable the information is, you know that it’s what we do with it that counts. After a while, you may come to the point where you think you can’t bear to listen to another presentation or watch another documentary or read another book. If the acquisition of information is your only goal you might as well forget about Red Pill University from the start, because, eventually you will arrive at information saturation and conclude there is no point in continuing.

Here is the point: We are not merely in a quest for truth and knowledge. Our primary crusade is to win the battle for freedom and human dignity, Don’t let the word ‘university’ mislead you. We are creating a true brotherhood to lead a global movement, literally, to change the world. If you resonate to that ideal and are willing to travel the long road, Red Pill University is your home.

Please select your enrollment level from the following options.

$3 / Month
$12 / month
$25 / month First one free
Free Trial
$50 / month
$100 / month
$500 / month

Click on one of these options. 



There is one more level, not on this chart, called Grantor.

Grantors are those who are moved to make a single donation or endowment greater than the annual amount for Benefactor, shown above. There is no benefit or perk that could begin to match the value of such support. In addition to what is shown in the chart, all we can offer is an opportunity to create a better world and our profound gratitude. If you would like to discuss this option, please call the President’s office at 805-497-0685 and ask for Mr. Griffin.


Want to do more than be aware?

Become a Keeper-of-the Flame

If you are in that one percent who are not content with merely knowing what’s happening in the world, eventually you will come to the point where you will want to do oppose the forces of destruction that surround us. When that happens, an excellent way to begin is by accepting an organizational role at Freedom Force International, which is the creator and sponsor of Red Pill University and Red Pill Expo. Members of Freedom Force are the keepers of the flame in the sense that one of their primary responsibilities is to make sure that the foundational principles upon which this movement are based are fiercely guarded and perpetuated. You can become part of Freedom Force International by:

Being enrolled at RPU at the Mentor level or above,
Agreeing to uphold the principles in The Creed of Freedom and The Code of Conduct, and
Participating in organizational work, particularly at the local level. There is no cost for membership beyond the cost of University tuition. All that is needed is dedication and commitment.

For information about Freedom Force or to apply for membership, click here.



If you are unable to support the University on a continuing basis, please consider a one-time donation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and wisely spent. DONATE HERE. Thank you.