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If you have not yet taken the tour of RPU, please do so now. Otherwise, it will be difficult to know what our mission is, what our activities are, and what your options are for participation. Take the tour

Thanks for considering becoming a Patron of Red Pill University. Yes, it’s true: You don’t have to do this to receive Need to Know News or to access any of the information assets at the University. It’s all free. So why would anyone want to spend money to become a Patron? Well, here are four impressive reasons:

The satisfaction that comes from participating in a movement that may be our best (and possibly our last) chance to mobilize an effective counterattack against collectivism and tyranny.

The pleasure of knowing you are doing something positive and significant in the battle for liberty, not just complaining and waiting for God to settle it.

The comfort and joy of knowing you are not alone as you thought but, instead, are among like-minded and good-hearted citizens who, altogether, still are the majority.

The advantage of special offers and discounts at Red Pill Expo, Reality Zone, and from merchants who are in harmony with our world view.

When selecting your enrollment, below, consider the significance of the Red-Pill project. If we fail to bring truth to the sleeping masses, they will sweep us along with them into slavery. RPU has the potential for preventing that. This may be the most important investment decision you will ever make.


$3 / Month


$12 / Month


$25 / month
First Month
Free (Trial)


$50 / Month


$100 / Month


$500 / Month

(Click above to review the benefits of each level of enrollment.)  

Level Quarterly Annually
Neophyte Enroll Enroll
Scholar Enroll Enroll
Mentor** Enroll Enroll
Academic Enroll Enroll
Custodian Enroll Enroll
Benefactor Enroll Enroll

** For quarterly or annual Mentor enrollment, enter “25″ as a coupon code during signup and receive the first month free.

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