Be A Champion of Liberty – Enroll As A Benefactor!

This is the sixth level of enrollment for Red Pill University. Benefactors receive . . .
  • A free subscription to G. Edward Griffin’s Need to Know News, published three time per week,
  • Unlimited access to all classes regardless of date,
  • Full, two-way participation in the online Forum, 
  • Free video-on-demand for all Red Pill Expos from previous years, 
  • Free audio-on-demand for Audio Archives, G. Edward Griffin’s personal collection of rare, historic recordings,
  • Complimentary $2,000 gun-safety course by a company that is a leader in this field. Includes providing a firearm for training sessions, 
  • Access to For Your Eyes Only, which is a live stream of faculty and special guests in no-holds-barred discussion of critical issues. Includes Q&A, 
  • Monetary credit toward attendance at future Red Pill events equal to two-month’s tuition.

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