1. Hello, I could not find an entry point to renew my card details after replacing my C Card and receiving a ‘transaction failure’ email notice. I spoke with a very helpful support volunteer who gave me intructions but I still could not find a ‘payments’ option on the website using Brave browser or Chrome. This seems to be quite a choke point for this project. Red-Pill University is a fantastic idea. I currently lead a home meeting group which delves into many of the Red-Pill topics. Desiring to expand this type effort. Thank you for your input. ph 918 521-1661

    • Hello. I’m sorry you are having trouble updating your account. As far as I can tell, all systems are functioning in that area, so there must be a glitch. I will ask our staff to contact you right away to look into the problem and get back to you. I am gratified to know that you see the value of being a Patron of Red Pill University.

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