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It is common for Red Pill Expo to be targeted by reporters and video crews posing as journalists but, in truth, are activists on behalf of the destructive ideologies we oppose. They seek, not to honestly report on the messages delivered at our events, but to distort and edit those messages to create disdain toward us in the eyes of the public. That is the reason for the following policy.

NO PRESS PASSES: We are glad to have the event covered by the press and media, but Red Pill Expo does not offer press passes. Anyone, press or otherwise, is welcome to attend (General Admission or VIP) and interview speakers and attendees so long as it does not violate the event Rules of Conduct.

MEDIA FRIENDS: When press or media outlets have shown in previous coverage that they fairly report the Expo message and activities, and if they can document that they have at least 10,000 followers, they are eligible to be classified as Media Friends, will be recognized as such on their name badges and on the web site, and will receive a complimentary General-Admission ticket. In this way, attendees can know in advance who they can trust if asked for an interview.

ACCESSS TO EXHIBIT AND DINING AREAS: Anyone with an official Red-Pill name badge is free to interview anyone in attendance who is willing to do so. There are no limitations on photos or video recordings so long as the activity does not violate the event Rules of Conduct.

ACCESS TO MAIN AUDITORIUM: Still photos of on-stage presentations and PowerPoint images are allowed for anyone, and so is video (in-camera or live stream) up to one minute for each presentation. Cameras must be handheld. Tripods are not permitted in the auditorium. Live steam of video in excess of one minute is not allowed, even for Media Friends unless specifically authorized by the Event Director or Chairman.

Want to be a Media Friend? Contact [email protected].
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