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How Nazis and Socialists Conquered America

Jul 19, 2020

This is the personal testimony of Kitty Werthmann who saw Hitler’s rise to power in pre-war Austria. He did not conquer by force. He was eagerly welcomed by the people because the Nazis promised free health care, guaranteed income, unemployment benefits, free nursery care, equality for all, gun control, and other enticements that, since WWII, have become deeply embedded in the American political system. Americans did not learn from the mistakes of the German people and now must pay a horrific price for their error. 2013 May 11

The audio of Kitty’s presentation is available on CD as one of three lectures in Volume Three of the Audio Archives. The audio version is called Lesson from Austria and can be obtained at The Reality Zone.

You can view this video from several sources. Cached versions are adjusted for optimum quality, if needed, and they provide access if original sources fail.

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  1. Ron Corbyn

    I really don’t know what to think about Werthmann’s speech. It sounds like the description of a communist government. National socialists tried to preserve national pride and German and Western culture, not destroy it like communists do. I don’t countenance any form of totalitarianism, including Hitler’s. I like constitutional government answerable to the people, like the U.S. once had. But, I just can’t equate Hitler with Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, and the Ziocommunists who hijacked and are deliberately destroying the U.S. and the West in favor of installing a World Government hq’d in Israel. Through the U.N. Agenda 21/2030 program, it is shaping up to be far more totalitarian than Hitler ever envisioned. There will not be one iota of freedom left if this vision is realized.

  2. Harry Rhodes

    Thanks fir keeping RPU up and running. I will be sending support as soon as I can afford it when we get back to work full time. Your mission is invaluable to all Americans!

  3. R. Christensen

    The decades of pro-American, pro-life, pro-liberty activism and education this woman has dedicated herself to may be the biggest single reason for South Dakota’s stalwart position today as the only state in the Union to resist the imposition of “The Lock Down”! The people will not change course until they understand what is happening, and who is making it happen. NO ONE can watch this video and not begin to understand! If nothing else, the parlor patriots who sit in dark corners, chewing their nails, wishing someone else would DO SOMETHING, can forward this video tape to everyone they know, and buy and distribute this DVD.

  4. Steve

    The similarities are rather stunning and a bold example of what’s taking place, has been taking place and seems to have an historical record of persisting throughout the known history of mankind; as though the earth was nothing more than the circular hamster wheel of mankind.

    • Pat Price

      When you have a Satanic conspiracy to rule the world, you get a planned attack on humanity. We’ve seen this carried out through Fascism and Communism around the world using various leaders and their countries as “test cases”. Today we see the latest and greatest effort in China where the CCP is the Cabal’s latest attempt. Of course when you have nefarious plans you must control finance, education and the media as your propaganda and control tools. Americans have been systematically dumbed down about our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. In this way Collectivism can pick away at our freedoms Which has been happening at least since 1913, if not earlier. Thanks for this video!

  5. Chris Stephenson

    Kitty Werthmann: “America is the greatest country in the world … IF WE CAN KEEP IT.” Incredibly relevant today. Her speech is from 2013, but it’s incredible just how pertinent it is in 2020.

  6. John

    I would encourage everyone to revisit your understanding of Nazi, Germany including the woman is this video. The victors of war; write the history. Author David Irving would be a worthy start.



  8. Jim Rizoli

    This is pure bunk! If you really knew the truth about Germany and the war you would know the Germans weren’t the bad guys the Soviets were. Sadly the Americans got involved in a war that was none of their business.
    The end result was the Soviets taking over Poland and East Germany later. Bad move. If you want to learn the TRUTH read The Myth of German Villainy by Ben Bradberry, that will explain the whole story without American propaganda and lies.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Jim, while it is true that the Germans were not the bad guys, their Nazi leaders were. The same was true in Russia. The Russian people were not the bad guys, either. They were brutalized by their Soviet leaders. It’s always that way when a nation adopts collectivism, which was done in both countries.

      • James Watson

        Churchill knew, and only Churchill, that Germany was a buffer that throughout modern history kept Russia at Bay and he obviously was right. Hitler was an insane sociopath along with Stalin.

        • Diane King

          Wrong. You failed the Hitler test. that suggests that you have a poor understanding of history as well as present day events. Stalin was a psychopath. He far exceeded any one’s fears and nightmares. Hitler brought relief to his people in his time. if you truly wish to be red pilled, read Benton Bradbury’s the myth of German villainy.

          • G. Edward Griffin

            It certainly would be of value to read this but please do so with caution. It contains a lot of truth but not ALL the truth. Information not favorable to Hitler is omitted, but it must not be assumed it does not exist. In truth, it’s hard to find any genuine good guys in this period of history. It was – and still is – a battle between two forces, both of which are based on the ideology of collectivism.

      • Diane King

        and yes the sentiment about the national socialists in this video is bunk. I completely agree with Jim Rizoli. I don’t believe that the leadership in the National socialist went rogue. That’s not how things worked. The focus is always on Hitler. the Jews need a villain. They have to keep beating that drum so they keep the shackles coming in as they extort money from all the nations of the world. They also infiltrate the various governments including ours. National socialism is not our problem Jewish communism is. Because of the NS approach in dealing with Communism, and the Jews, if we had them installed today, we would not be having the problems we are having. We would not be having unemployment, there’d be no government takeover oh, there would be rioting of minorities in the streets. National socialism has not affected our nation unfortunately but communism has.

        • G. Edward Griffin

          Hello Diane. I will not belabor the point here, but I want the record to show that I disagree with this appraisal. Bottom line is that there is close to zero difference between socialism and fascism/Nazism, national or international, run by Jews, or Christians or Moslems, Europeans, Chinese, or any other group. In the end, groups do none of the harm we detest but individuals within those groups do. Therefore, let’s talk about the individuals who are responsible. Otherwise, we will be forever divided and at war with each other.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      There is no video of this for sale but there is a CD available at http://realityzone.com. It’s included in The Audio Archives, volume 1.

  9. James Baudier

    While many do not like Trump. I feel he is the only politician fighting to maintain the Republic.

  10. max

    30% unemployment in Germany led to Hitler and Nazism. Why do you think the predators-that-be today are artificially creating 30% unemployment? I mean … duh! Because they know they will be able to implement absolute totalitarian dictatorship, because most humans are abject morons.

  11. Barbara Cartile

    Having read many books about WW11, I was able to agree with and understand all of what this lady talked about. I am going to pass the video on to many people here in Canada who I know worship the socialist (Communist) government that we have here under Justin Trudeau. This man is the worse thing that has happened to our country.Thank you for the video, and keep the news coming. WWGOWGA.

  12. Chris Garvey

    I’ve posted a few things on YouTube. Recently I thought Vimeo might be more politically neutral. But your experience suggests otherwise. What alternative video platform are you using?
    I met G. Edward Griffin at a NY Libertarian Convention.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      For now we are using BitTube.tv. So far, it’s working fine.

  13. anonymous

    How can George Soros commit Treason FOREVER and not be prosecuted? Its an orgy of Greek fraternities. NO ONE HAS COMMITTED TREASON IN AMERICA FOR 50 YEARS? WHAT A LIE. WHERE IS THE FBI?

  14. anonymous

    I think treason is THE most underreported crime in America. could someone give the stats?

  15. Common Sense

    It’s absolutely amazing how the human brain works. People can literally HEAR something being said by someone who LIVED THROUGH this and still can’t get it. It’s like being born with cement in your head.

  16. terry shead

    Excellent video, the truth, in the uk we have no guns, what this lady said is coming true in every country, you speak to people and they think I am from another planet, just look at covid 19, what a joke.

  17. Wayne Nash

    Ron Corbyn, you are exactly correct. There is NO moral equivalency between the National Socialist regime of Germany and the Communists you mention. The Communists are setting out to destroy Western Civilization and have done, and are DOING, a pretty good job of it. Hitler actually was trying to PRESERVE Western Culture and defeat the scourge of Communism. Although both had shortcomings, the Communists are the ones who have killed upwards of 100 million or more, not the Nazis. The Germans were frankly doing TOO WELL for the greedy bastards in the ‘West’ (who hate the West) to bear. Germany had to be destroyed then vilified. The Kangaroo Court of Nuremburg was disgusting. History was then written by the winners to put Germany in the WORST possible light with no redemption possible. 4 million Germans perished in a conflict Hitler tried to STOP no less than 20 times. 8 Million died AFTER the war by murder and starvation. It was GENOCIDE during and after the war. No one wants to talk about THAT genocide do they? It is ANOTHER inconvenient truth. We can only talk about the evils of one group but not the evils of another. Very odd thing that is, isn’t it?

  18. G. Edward Griffin

    Hello Wayne. I just want to enter into the record that, although we have no desire to censor viewpoints at Need to Know and although there is no doubt that there has been a lopsided treatment of the crimes committed by Nazis while hardly mentioning the crimes committed by Communists, we do not agree with your benign assessment of Hitler or the morality of Nazism. Both Communism and Nazism are based on the underlying ideology of collectivism, and therein lies the problem with both. There are no good guys in this scenario.

  19. Dean Camfferman

    While Kitty Werthmann provides a compelling case for the evils of Socialism and Communism during the first part of the twentieth century her implied belief that the system of government in the USA is any better is at best simplistic. Socialism, Communism and Capitalism which hides behind the veil of Democracy are all about the same. They are systems of government that can either create a strong force for good or a tyranny for evil. Socialism and its brother, Communism concentrate power among the few while impoverishing the many. When the Communists took over in the USSR little changed for the average Russian. The new leaders after the Bolshevik revolution behaved no better than the Czars who preceded them, probably worse. As someone once said, New regime, same outcome. Capitalism under the guise of Democracy has over time done to its citizens what Socialism and Communism did to theirs. Britain built its empire on the backs of its slaves in its many far-flung colonies. The USA destroyed its native populations and stole land from its neighbours, Canada and especially Mexico in order to establish itself as a nation. But as Marcus Garvey said, A race that is solely dependent upon another for economic existence sooner or later dies.

  20. Dean Camfferman

    Capitalism has concentrated wealth in the hands of the few while impoverishing the many. The system that concentrates power and the system that concentrates wealth are in reality no different from one another. Socialism is perhaps a more gentle form of Communism while a Capitalist Democracy is a merely a “kinder and gentler” form of Socialism. Americans have been led to believe that Socialism is an evil system that leads to enslavement for all. Meanwhile its “too big to fail” corporations receive trillions in bailouts while there is no bailout for the American who cannot afford the rent or the mortgage payment. The present American system is in actuality Socialism for the wealthy. All three systems of government when unchecked ultimately concentrate power and wealth among the few and enslave the many. A slave under any corrupt system of government is still a slave.
    Churchill said, quoting an unknown (to me) source, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” John Stuart Mill described it as “The tyranny of the majority.” We must go back to 1384 when John Wycliffe wrote in the prologue to his translation of the Bible, “The Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People”. This declaration, which was adapted by others after him, including Abraham Lincoln is a most fitting description of what true government should be. Indeed, in the book of Deuteronomy we can find a constitution that would be the envy of any nation that would choose to adapt it minus the parts referring to slaves. A constitution that concerns itself with the welfare of all its citizens including animals and the planet itself is something worth struggling for. We may never arrive there in this age but that should not stop us from aiming for the unattainable and reaching for the unreachable. In doing so we will greatly diminish the pain and suffering that has been the lot of the majority of the citizens of this planet for the past few millennia. We will never advance, however, until we lay aside our pride and admit our failure as both a people and a nation.

  21. Dean Camfferman

    The USA is a great nation. It is great in the good that it has done but it is equally great in the evil it has done. Trillions are spent on healthcare yet its healthcare outcomes are consistently lower than countries who spend far less per capita. The money spent on its armed forces would give every American a guaranteed liveable income. Ms Werthmann encourages her listeners to keep their guns in order to protect themselves. She makes the point that Hitler didn’t invade Switzerland because its citizens were armed. I find it laughable that the mighty German Wehrmacht was afraid of little Switzerland and its armed citizenry. It is more likely that Switzerland was where Germany kept much of its stolen wealth although I have not looked into this. American prisons contain more inmates than even Communist/Capitalist China. Indeed, the USA has nothing to be proud of other than a few war victories which have been more than offset by its imperialistic behaviour around the globe. It’s present system of government is no less corrupt and inefficient than any other. It is better than some and worse than many.
    Good government requires constant vigilance by the governed over those who govern. It is a sacred agreement between the two parties that remains in effect until the governed decide that said government is no longer serving them well. Sadly in the USA, my neighbour to the south the only difference between its system of government and that of China or Russia is that Americans get to choose between two equally distasteful parties while in China or Russian the “choice” is limited to one. In Canada we too have a long way to go but let us never stop speaking of it and working toward this end, an end where the citizens of every nation can enjoy freedom from tyranny and freedom to enjoy peace and prosperity regardless of their system of governance.

  22. John Fitzgerald

    Hello Mr. Griffin, I found Kitty’s appraisal of Hitler’s Germany to be almost laughable as it seems like nothing more than a hit-piece I have read and seen on television ad nauseam for decades. To be honest, although I have the utmost respect for you in many regards including your excellent work exposing the United Nations, The Federal Reserve, 911, the Covid19-84 hoax, etc., I must ask, do you believe or have any documented proof that Hitler and or his Government or elements or factions within it truly killed one Jew or otherwise in homicidal gas chambers not to mention ordered and or carried out mass extermination of Jews or any other ethnic group? If so, can you please provide official documents or sources proving such? Also, if you believe in the homicidal gas chamber theory, what do you have to say in regards to the exhaustive research of gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter and well-respected chemist Germar Rudolf, graduate of the Max Planck Institute? I find it interesting that both men were incarcerated– Rudolf for years, simply for their exhaustive forensic/scientific research proving that no homicidal gas chambers ever existed within the German occupied territories. One must ask then, then why would such a lie be allowed to exist by our politicians, mainstream and most so-called alternative news agencies, educational and university systems, libraries, Publishing Houses, Hollywood, etc., and for so many decades? Also, what ethnic group has an extremely disproportionate amount of control over those very organizations not to mention that of the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center and all social-media platforms? Answer: JEWS! And not to beat a dead horse, but why is the holocaust the ONLY Historical issue whereby laws have been passed in dozens of countries and counting where people are incarcerated and or fined simply for challenging the ‘official holocaust narrative?’ I would appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. Thank you and take care!

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Hello John. I don’t think that Kitty’s personal experiences are laughable. She tells a story that is confirmed by thousands of others in Germany who lived through the hell of Nazi collectivism. The death camps are not her topic except where she says that most German civilians had no idea they existed as such. Her story, however, is about the deceptions and failures of collectivism under the name of national socialism. I think you will never find a more useful and dramatic narrative than this. The holocaust is another topic.

      • John Fitzgerald

        Hello Mr. Griffin, thank you for your response although I have to say, I feel you are purposely being evasive. Having said this though, and to give you the benefit of the doubt, would you please do an expose on the very enlightening Canadian holocaust trials of 1985 and 1988: Canada verse Ernst Zundel, including the forensic work of Mr. Fred Leuchter (The Leuchter Report) and Germar Rudolf’s later and remarkable scientific/forensic work (The Rudolf Report) exposing the fact that the gas chambers never existed? The trial and the exhaustive research by Zundel’s exemplary team prove that the entire holocaust narrative was and still is a fabrication of history? Exposing this fact would expose the Zionist Jews monopolies of other false flag operations including that of the USS Liberty, 911 and many other Historical LIES including that of Covid19-84. As I suspect you know, exposing the ‘truth’ of the holocaust would destroy the very foundation of Jewish supremacy thus wake a sleeping giant enlightening the world to the true culprits sabotaging all societies: elite Zionist Jews! Sorry, but there is no other way to put it but as blatantly as I did. Keep up the great and needed work! Thank you, as always!

        • Jim Rizoli

          I also admire Mr.Griffin for the work that he has done especially dealing with communism but in regards to Germany and Hitler he fails the Hitler test.

  23. Diane King

    Exactly, John. The jews need a villain for their extortion racket and since the ‘victors write the history’ or in this case, especially, THEY CREATE the history, Hitler is the perfect candidate as villain for their lying mantra.

  24. Diane King

    Wrong, failed the Hitler Test. Hitler and the NS leadership didn’t steal and hide ‘wealth’. By the way, the Jews stole the German wealth during the Weimar republic following WWI. The Germans took it back for safe keeping. It was theirs after all. But you are dead on concerning our wretched anti-free speech gov’t and imprisoning dissidents – just like soviet communism.

  25. Joe Rizoli

    Hitler was welcomed because he solved the many problems that plagued Germany. People finally get sick and tired of the same dribble of promises and finally said lets give him a chance and he did what he said he was going to do and more…If one took the many things Hitler did for the people of Germany and these actions were done without his name being associated with these accomplishments for the world to read and see one would proclaim him a miracle worker. Unfortunately crazies like this Kitty litter lady spew their nonsense to make the accomplishments of Hitler and Germany turn into a Stephen King horror movie..But that’s to be expected from the Jewish element since they were a serious threat to Germany because most COMMUNIST were Jewish and something had to be done about that problem and that problem was to get them out of Germany but guess what, a war broke out…If this Kitty litter lady could tell us the absolute hell these Jews did to Germany through the Wiemar Republic that made Berlin into another Sodom and Gomorrah then maybe I would look to her assessment as fair but that would not be the case….Hitler did what he said he was going to do, he asked for four years to accomplish this and then you wonder why over 90% of the German people loved him.. MOST books and opinions on Hitler if they come from Jewish sources are of no uses to me. When these people uses the term “Nazi”, “Holocaust” “Final Solution” then I KNOW their opinions are biased and nonsense….All I ask is that the good and bad be told in the same venue not just a one sided Jewish final solution crap….

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Joe, we are publishing your comments because we really do believe in freedom of speech. However, we are duty bound to add our disclaimer that we do not agree with any attempt to let Hitler and the Nazi leaders off the hook simply by turning the spotlight on Jews. We do not believe it is productive to blame entire groups of people for the misdeeds of their leaders or any other cross-section of their population. We have no objection to criticizing Hitler or his ruling circle for bringing collectivism to Germany but we would never dream of putting this burden on the German people in general who, in the final analysis, were victims. Likewise, we would never condemn the entire population of Jews in Germany for the unpopular and, in some cases, unethical financial practices of the banks and investment firms controlled by less than about three-dozen Jews. Groups do not exist. They are mere mathematical abstractions for three or more individuals. Only individuals exist, only individuals make and execute decisions, and only individuals bear the responsibility for the consequences of those decisions. We will never solve political or social problems until we learn to look deeper than group identity.

      • Joe Rizoli

        I am at a quandary here then because when Charles Lindbergh Jr gave his speech in Iowa he threw people and countries into a situation where he claims WW2 was started BECAUSE of:

        1. The Roosevelt Administration
        Not one person but an ADMINISTRATION of a huge number of people…

        2. Great Britian and Churchill
        Again, an individual yes, but ALSO a NATION of untold administrators..

        3. The JEWS…
        AGAIN, an untold thousands, millions, you pick a number….

        Yes, claiming one individual or people is reckless BUT, I would tend to agree with Mr Lindbergh in his assessment of WHO CAUSED WW2….

        Jesus said, “if the blind follow the blind, BOTH fall into the pit”…
        The sins of nations can be put on people and ADMINISTRATIONS….

        Jesus in attacking the religious system he came under ALWAYS referred to the trouble makers as THE JEWS….
        Not, just Phraisees, or Suaducees or Teachers of Law, but compositely of JEWS…

        IT took them all in and in the year 70CE they ALL suffered for their sins in unison…Charles Lindbergh was seriously hounded by THE JEWS….By Roosevelt and everyone else who wanted America in the war…which included ALL the Jewish run media, newspapers, you name it..


        • G. Edward Griffin

          I know it can get confusing, because it is customary for us to think in terms of groups. Often, it boils down to us vs. them. However, I have observed that, when attempting to lay the blame for a crime or an injustice, it cannot – or at least should not – be on a group basis. To an outsider, it may appear that everyone in the group is guilty simply because they are in the group, but upon closer investigation, we usually find that most of the group have no evil intent and are merely swept along into following their leaders. For example, today, many people around the world consider ‘Americans’ to be evil because of the evil they perceive being done in their countries by US military or American-based corporations. As we know, however, many if not most Americans strongly also object to such actions. To condemn all Americans for the misdeeds of their political or corporate leaders would be a huge mistake. This is the stuff that leads normally sane people to be carried away by ‘group-identity’ propaganda to the end that they can call for war, death, and destruction of an entire ‘enemy nation’ or race or religion. This is the story of history, and it is insanity. To be sure, it may be necessary to physically defend one’s community or nation against a group of marauders or invaders under conditions in which we must physically defend ourselves even if the individual attackers are just following orders and have no understanding beyond what they have been told. In defense against a group with a common intent to plunder, destroy, enslave, or kill, (such as would be the case with an attacking army or terrorist organization), it would be stupid to try to determine which of the attackers had criminal intent and which ones had been propagandized into thinking we are the evil ones. Yes. it can get complicated but, when not in the heat of life-and-death battle, when in an intellectual analysis of who is to blame and who should be punished, such approach always leads to further injustice.

      • John Wear

        Mr. G. Edward Griffin,

        I will be glad to send you a free copy of my book “Germany’s War” if you care to read it. It has been favorably reviewed by Ron Unz and Paul Craig Roberts as well as by Joe Rizoli and Diane King. Amazon has censored the e-book version of my book, but fortunately the paperback version of my book is still available on Amazon.

  26. Arch Stanton

    By the way Mr. Griffin, I heard you speak about “The Creature” in Alaska. The year was 1992 when your brilliant spellbinding narration changed my life. You are the best public speaker to which I have ever had the pleasure of listening. At the urging of a friend, I had gone to listen to what I thought would be a get rich quick scheme about making money. Sitting in the front row, I asked myself, “I thought this was about money, why is this guy talking about trains?”

    After your talk, I bought a copy of the book and took it to bed about 9:00. I finished it about five in the morning. Since then, I have loaned and then purchased and given away numerous copies of “The Creature.” You taught me that economic complexities are built into the system to make people think it is some form of rocket science only a brilliant economist can understand. Then I recalled a saying we had when I was in the vault building and bank equipment business, “you have to keep it simple enough so a banker can understand it.”

    Even a banker could understand the clear message behind “The Creature From Jekyll Island. Thanks again for your effort.”

  27. John Wear

    Mr. G. Edward Griffin,

    Despite what Kitty Werthmann says in this video, Hitler did not write in Mein Kampf that he planned to take over the world. Hitler had also never planned to enter into a world war. I will be glad to send you a free copy of my book “Germany’s War” if you would like more detailed information. My book has been recommended by Ron Unz and Paul Craig Roberts as well as by Joe Rizoli and Diane King. In my opinion, it is very balanced and informative.

  28. Bert Rogers

    What I get here is the finger-pointing at collectivism. Although I am a critic of collectivism, I have to expose also the short-comings of individualistic capitalism.
    On following web-site you will find, that the USA had not only one 9/11s but much more:
    You may also be interested to find out about President F D Roosevelt’s campaign to incite war in Europe. Read to this on following web-page:

    More information about the origins of WW2 on following web-site:

    And the bombing of German cities (Dresden) and handling of German prisoners of war tells you of the true nature of the individual capitalist liberators of Germany after WW2:

    Finally, if they accuse the Germans of “Lebensraum-livingspace”, then remind the individualistic capitalist of their robbery of the Americas from the red Indians, who were almost exterminated by them. On their individualistic capitaist-communist lynchparty in Nuremberg they convicted the Germans in retrospect and hindsight. There is still a lynchparty left at Nuremberg for these individualistic capitalists and also for the Russians, who should give account how got the land between the Ural Mountains and Vladivostock.

  29. G. Edward Griffin

    Hello Bert. You are totally on target when you point out the crimes committed by past leaders and regimes of the United States. However, please note that these regimes were far from being individualistic or capitalistic as you describe them. Starting with the Wilson era, the American government began moving away from individualism and free enterprise toward collectivism and state control over everything. The problem is that, while the egg was rotting from the inside, the outer shell look the same and still bore the label of capitalism. In truth, it was collectivism, not capitalism, that committed these crimes. Today, for example, even defenders of individualism have been tricked into calling the present system “Crony Capitalism” when, since at least World War II, it has been Crony Socialism or, better yet, Crony Collectivism. The theft of land from American Indians is another matter, and it get snarled up in the fact that the various tribes were doing the same thing to each other, and that this custom was not unique to North America but, in fact, was the norm throughout the world up until that time. That is no excuse, of course, but it needs to be included in the analysis if one is attempting to fix a moral judgment on the actions of the players. Thanks for your thought-provoking comment.

    • Ben

      I have understood more, my apologies for the unwise comments. I realize the implications of my situation now a little better. I also understand the red pill theory on a whole different level, it feels like my knowledge of everything is being upended as I put more things together. At this point I am starting to wonder if I should be running for the hills like Neo in the 1st Matrix. It would be great if I could have a short conversation with you it might help, if you want to text me a number I can call to my listed cell# or if its better I can be on 24 hours after I send this comment and check the forum page to have a quick chat, thank you.

      • edgriffin

        Hello Ben, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. However, it would be a good idea to wait until after the Red Pill Expo is over. There is much to do before that.

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