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“Take the red pill’ has become a modern meme for choosing reality over illusion, a theme that was popularized by the sci-fi movie, The Matrix. Building on that concept, Red Pill University is a network of truth-seekers who, not only have taken the red pill themselves, but seek to awaken others to the many illusions affecting their lives – with particular focus on those relating to freedom and health.

The University has two components. (1) It is an Internet-based communications channel for a new wave of teachers and students who are bringing truth and unity to the liberty movement. (2) It also is a network of local groups called campuses that are centers for community activism on issues with the potential to mobilize support for liberty-oriented candidates and ballot positions.

Speaking of teachers, be sure to check out the world-class authorities who have joined our faculty: G. Edward Griffin, Lord Christopher Monckton. Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Tim Ball, Ty Bollinger, Patrick Wood, Jim Lee, and many more to be added.

Red Pill University is not just another news source. There are plenty of those already. One of the best, called Need to Know News, is included as a bonus with all University enrollments but is not part of the curriculum. RPU focuses on history, strategy, life lessons, human nature, ideology, and analyses that will be just as relevant ten or twenty years from now as they are today.

We are reaching a global audience (young and old), people who have chosen reality over illusion. Red Pill University is a place for them to come together, discover that they are not alone, form alliances and coalitions, and build local units where the liberty movement takes the form of ‘boots on the ground’ in every community.

Content is archived into a growing encyclopedic reference on vital issues that currently are shrouded by falsehood and illusion – issues relating to personal liberty, privacy, security, health, food purity, property rights, environment, weather, education, money, banking, wars, and even alteration of the human genome. This is where the real action is today, and this is where we have planted our flag.

There is an enrollment level for everyone – from students to tycoons. All levels are welcome, and we promise to use the revenue wisely. University officers and faculty are volunteers, so none of the revenue goes for executive or academic personnel. At present, the site is in its early stage of development, and not all features are operational. Thanks for your patience and especially for helping us get up to speed.

The following perks provide added value to the higher levels of enrollment:

> STUDENTS at $3 per month have access to all current articles, forums, and classrooms.

> SCHOLARS at $12 have additional access to the archives.

> MENTORS at $25 have additional access to “For Your Eyes Only”, a weekly informal video chat between G. Edward Griffin and other faculty members (different ones each week) on whatever is on their minds at the time. They will take questions from viewers.

> ACADEMICS at $50 additionally receive 20% discount on two VIP tickets each year to the Red Pill Expo, approximately a $350 value.

> CUSTODIANS at $100, instead of a discount, receive an upgrade from standard to two VIP tickets each year to the Red Pill Expo, approximately a $550 value.

> BENEFACTORS at $500 receive two pre-paid VIP Red Pill Expo tickets, approximately a $1,500 value.

> FOUNDERS are those who want to provide the University with a substantial donation or endowment. There is no perk or reward that could begin to match the value of this level of support. All we can offer is the discovery of truth, the opportunity to create a better world, and our profound gratitude. If you would like to discuss this option, please call the President’s office at 805-497-0685 and ask for Mr. Griffin.

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