Welcome to Red Pill University, a gathering place for truth seekers who want to make this a better world.

Take the Lead – Enroll as a Mentor

This is the University’s third level of enrollment

Mentors receive…

♦ Red Pill Archives – Red pill university has the largest repository of information of its kind in the world. Mentors have 24/7 access to all information assets including premium categories.

♦ Perks for Patrons ‒ Great discounts and special offers from other Patrons. This is an exclusive marketplace where Patrons of Red Pill University give each other a helping hand and priority attention.

♦ Red Pill Expo Livestreams – Watch all future Red Pill Expos in the comfort of your home.

♦ Red Pill Expo Replays – It is almost impossible to watch all the Expo presentations as they are broadcast, but Mentors have access to the replays indefinitely!


Mentor enrollments normally include a 30-day free trial. However, at the present time, while tickets are available to the next Expo, the free-trial period is increased to prevent it from expiring before the livestream begins. To extend your free trial period use coupon code 7edPil1. Enter the code into the enrollment form below where it asks “Have a coupon?” and complete the form.


These added days make the offer unbeatable. You will not be billed $25 until after the livestream has been broadcast and, while you are waiting for the Expo to begin, you get to watch previous Expos online and have access to Perks for Patrons. Of course, you can cancel any time if you are not satisfied.


If you would like to watch the livestream without becoming a Patron, that option is available by enrolling as a Livestream Guest. The one-time billing will be $35 to $45 depending on the date of enrollment, and the replay period will be 60 days. For that option, click here.

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