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RFK: Fauci to Blame for 300k Deaths, Must Be Exposed 4.9 (97)

RFK: Fauci to Blame for 300k Deaths, Must Be Exposed 4.9 (97)

In an episode of "Conversations That Matter" for The New American Magazine with Red Pill University's Alex Newman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. told host Alex Newman that Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and their allies are responsible for huge numbers of deaths and they are...

The Fake Pandemics of Dr. Fauci 4.7 (153)

The Fake Pandemics of Dr. Fauci 4.7 (153)

Before becoming Director of President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr Judy Mikovits worked together in the federal program to combat AIDS. After years of silence, she has come forth to expose what she says is murder-for-profit of millions of...

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