Red Pill University is a coalition of individuals and organizations that share a common problem – and have a common understanding of the solution. The problem is that peaceful, law-abiding citizens are experiencing ever-increasing control over their lives by governments and corporations. Freedom-of-speech and freedom-of-choice are diminished with each passing day.

This problem cannot be fixed without a public awakening to the fact that excessive state and institutional power came into being, not because voters wanted it, but because they were dazzled by the illusion that it was for their own good.

This illusion has been created in every aspect of our lives: politics, education, wars, money, health care, the environment, energy, and everything else that is important to us. Most thoughtful people are aware of this, at least at the subconscious level. They know something is wrong, and that the ‘official story’ all-too-often is just another illusion.

The first step toward fixing this problem is to expose the reality behind these illusions, and the Red Pill meme is tailor-made for that task. Based on the Sci-Fi movie, The Matrix, it has become commonplace to hear someone say in casual conversation: “Wake up, man. Take the red pill. Snap out of your illusions. See life the way it really is.” Almost everyone understands the meaning of this, which is the reason we chose the red pill as the icon for our mission.

Awareness, however, is not enough. To change the system requires action, and action requires a leadership cadre and a broad coalition of activists. The cadre is in place in the form of Freedom Force International, which is described elsewhere on this site. The coalition is Red Pill University.

The purpose of the coalition is to gain sufficient size to influence political change. By that, we do not mean trying to pressure corrupt politicians to do what is right. We intend to remove them from their positions of power and replace them with men and women of our own choice who we know will stand for liberty above personal gain.


One of the most remarkable features of the red pill coalition is that it includes a wide variety of viewpoints, which means that agreement on all issues is neither required nor expected. The red-pill theme is about discovering truths and dispelling illusions. If we all held the same opinions and closed our minds to contrary information, discovery of new truths would be impossible. As Scottish Baron Thomas Dewar put it: “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.”

Most of us have taken the red pill at one time or another, which means we have changed our views about something incredibly important in our lives. That could not have happened without access to information that is controversial. That is why RPU does not attempt to avoid controversy or censor any ideas advanced by faculty or students. However, tolerance and open-mindedness are not the same as acceptance. Please be aware that the views expressed in classrooms in the Forum, or among attendees at our events do not necessarily reflect the views of Red Pill University or its sponsors. Our job is to provide a platform for alternate views of reality. Then it is up to each of us to decide based on our own experience and judgment.


No topics are barred, but controversial issues on which emotions run high need special treatment to ensure that the process remains factual and dignified. When there is strong interest in such controversies, we try to arrange presentations on both sides. If debates are scheduled, speakers must agree not to interrupt each other or resort to ad hominem attacks. Questions relating to conflicts-of-interest are appropriate but questioning the character of those with opposing views is forbidden by our Rules of Conduct. *


The RPU Archives are on track to become the largest repository of this type of information in the world. If you are a serious student of the history and philosophy of political systems, especially as they relate to the quest for optimum human liberty, you have found your source.

But that is only half of the story. As important as it is to safeguard the knowledge of liberty, it is equally important to change the cultural and political landscape to bring about reform. That will take much more than watching videos and reading books.

Cultural and political change is not achieved from the top down. It comes from the bottom up. It may be heavily influenced by national and regional communications networks, but popularization requires visible endorsement at the local level. One of the great weaknesses of the liberty movement in the past is that too little attention has been given to this fact. Almost every liberty movement has been preoccupied with national issues and national candidates in expectation that, it they just could get a certain candidate elected to national office, all would be fine forevermore.

There are no such illusions at RPU. As soon as the infrastructure is complete for the University’s cyberspace presence, the next step is the establishment of ‘campuses’ in every county or province. This is where the real action begins. This is where we take the knowledge derived from books and videos and apply it to the real world of building cultural and political influence at the local level. We call this boots on the ground. It is amazing how effective a few dozen people can be at changing the outcome of local elections and ballot positions.

This level of activity may not be appropriate for everyone. We hope that those who cannot participate will consider their University tuition partly as a donation to support those who can. (More information on campuses to be published soon.)


Your tuition has many destinations. In addition to the usual overhead items – including member services, accounting and technical services – it supports maintenance of the Archives, administration of campuses, administration of Red Pill Expos, and it provides financial support to faculty who have been denied revenue from You Tube and Google Ads. When Reality Courses become operational (which is expected by December 2019), a significant proportion of your tuition will be applied to an honorarium fund and divided each month among faculty members proportionate to how many minutes students watched their courses compared to other courses. In this way, proportional compensation will flow to faculty who receive the highest approval from students (measured by minutes watched). With this in mind, please be as generous as possible when setting your level of tuition.


If you have read this far, the answer probably is Yes. Your interest indicates that you may have a crusader gene, as I do, that compels you to want to leave this world a better place than you found it. At RPU, not only will you tap into a flow of almost impossible to find information on the most important issues of your life, but you will form new friendships with others of like mind and re-discover that you are not alone. But that’s just the beginning. You will have the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping to make history – that you are doing something far more important than watching videos and reading books.

Allow me to emphasize this point. The quest for knowledge is endless, but there comes a time to take action. As important as it is to research and learn, it is equally important to put on your armor and join the battle. This is where the real power of RPU comes into play.

Campuses of the University in every nation in the world may sound like a fantasy, but that is our unabashed goal. They must become the backbone of a global coalition with sufficient mass to, literally, change the world.  But that cannot be done unless you and I, and hundreds of thousands like us, remain true to the mission for the long haul. RPU is not just about watching videos. Knowledge is powerless without commitment.

In summary: if, in addition to wanting access to knowledge and wisdom, you also want to be part of a global coalition for liberty, and if you are in this fight to the finish, Red Pill University is your home.

G. Edward Griffin




Nonconformity of opinion is one thing; bad behavior is another. RPU has rules of conduct that apply to all who participate. The following conduct is not allowed: (1) abusive language or activity, (2) physical aggression or threats of violence, or (3) posting commentary or images that (a) denigrate someone’s race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, culture, gender, education, economic status, or life style, (b) are considered indecent or repulsive, or (c) promotes services or products other than what is offered by sponsors or by faculty in context of supporting their information services.