The Fake Pandemics of Dr. Fauci

May 7, 2020


Before becoming Director of President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr Judy Mikovits worked together in the federal program to combat AIDS. After years of silence, she has come forth to expose what she says is murder-for-profit of millions of people who foolishly trusted their medical and political leaders to protect them. She provides names and details of events in which she personally participated, including the dramatic story of how Fauci used his influence to have her falsely arrested and placed under a virtual five-year gag order forbidding her to speak on the things she knows. Now the five years are up, and her guns are blazing.

This video was banned by YouTube within hours of its appearance, and Internet trolls immediately began attacking her, not by challenging the facts of her disclosure, but by attacking her character. Their general theme is: ‘This woman is crazy, dishonest, and hangs out with conspiracy theorists and other shady characters. Don’t listen to her.” We are happy to enable you to do exactly what they don’t want you to do, and we do so in confidence that, if you hear both sides, you will recognize the truth.

Shortly after publishing the first version of this introduction, Vimeo took down our own posting of this video and sent us the following message: ” Your video has been removed for violating our Guidelines. Reason: You cannot upload videos that depict or encourage self-harm, falsely claim that mass tragedies are hoaxes, or perpetuate false or misleading claims about vaccine safety.”

Anticipating that the Vimeo staff was acting without independent knowledge of this matter and possibly was merely responding to pressure from the same corrupted institutions that are the focus of Dr. Mikovits’ testimony, we found a better way to upload the program, without Vimeo or YouTube, and to draft our own guidelines to ensure there is no misunderstanding of why we are doing so:

“Anyone, acting as an individual or as an agent of others, who prevents access to information essential to public health, safety, or liberty, must be held personally liable for any harm or hardship that ensues from the withholding of this information.  This includes preventing the public from knowing when hoaxes are presented as mass tragedies and when those with conflicts of interest make fake claims about vaccine safety. Liability must not be absolved by the claim of ignorance or subordination to higher authority if said persons had sufficient access to the information to form an independent judgement.”

It will be noted that Dr. Mikovits’ view of AIDS and HIV is different from other researchers who are featured in these archives, and that is a healthy sign that the scientific method of testing and challenging is alive and well within our ranks. However, on the topics of medical corruption, cover up, and vaccines, her message is in harmony with every voice. 2020 May – Source: Elevate Productions.

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You can view this video from multiple sources. Cached versions are adjusted for optimum quality, if needed, and they provide access if primary sources fail.

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  1. Frank

    What a courageous and sweet lady

  2. Mike Wurlitzer

    And the Video does NOT exist.

    If you had transported me from the 1950s to today I would be positive the USA lost the Cold War to the USSR and our “legal” system was now a mirror of the Soviets.

    We have Soviet style “Secret Courts”
    We have Soviet style “Secret Justices”
    We have Soviet style eavesdropping, wiretapping, spying on ALL Americans.

    We have Soviet style Political Prisoners.
    Massive censorship by pro-government organizations.

    We have no 4th Amendment at airports or government office buildings.
    We have a MSM who are 100% like Soviet style Pravda.
    We have government schools teaching children the Founders were evil.

    We have Criminal Trespassing Invaders receiving more benefits than US Citizens.
    We have a Soviet style STAR CHAMBER where behind closed doors CPUSA democrats are plotting the final stages of their Coup d’et and invalidating an election.

    Tell me we won the Cold War and I’ll have to tell you to prove it.

    • Carolyn

      I was a Young Thing when I first read “World Without Cancer.” It was in 1976, and it red-pilled me right there and then. I was 17. It made me realize that “1984” and “Animal Farm” were political allegories. I started keeping my eyes and ears open. I got to live in West Germany for two years. Nothing but contempt for the EU. Then I ran across a book about the KGB and how the welfare state would be the means by which communism would be ushered in.

    • Jeffrey E. Modesitt

      You have presented a powerful way of understanding the current situation in the U.S.and elsewhere. While I do not look at this as a Democrat/Republican/communist battle, but one of power quests that ultimately transcend politics, the political comparisons you make should strike a chord with anyone who has any historical frame of reference.

  3. Janet Pohlers

    Thank You, Excellent Source!

  4. Tara Hickman

    Dr, Judy will be blessed in time!
    There is a God, it’s not Gates and others that are corrupt!

  5. Scott Stanley
    • G. Edward Griffin

      Will be re-loaded soon. Sorry for the delay, but there are many files to re-load, and some of the master files are in storage. We are working on it. Thanks for your interest.

    • Carolyn

      Try DuckDuckGo and a VPN. It was how I was able to hear Ismus and Scarborough joking about Scarborough’s intern before YouTube yanked it.

  6. XX

    Dear Mr. Wurlitzer,

    It is even worse than you describe. In many jurisdictions, MA, RI, CN, VT, VA, NJ, NY, CA IL, WA, NM, CO, PA, OR, HI, routine traffic stops can result in unwarranted search & seizure of personal property, papers and effects. The attacks of September 11th, 2001 caused the public to give inordinate power, prestige & pay to police. There is a win at all cost mentality among police and they often stack the deck every which way they can, to avoid liability and accountability. In the present moment, police reform may actually work in favor of Liberty if the people are vigilant. It is happening now.


  7. G. Edward Griffin

    Hello XX. Please look again at what is happening in the streets. It is not a movement for police reform. The goal is to eliminate existing police forces entirely and replace them with “peoples’ safety committees” or some-such title, which would consist of all the criminals released from prison and all the psychopaths that could be rounded up to cleanse the system of anyone who opposes the new leaders. The new enforcement groups certainly would include the BLM and Antifa types. This is what always has happened in every country seized my Communist-led mobs. After that mop-up phase, they, also. would be eliminated and replaced with the cool-headed professionals who are waiting in the wings to assume final – and eternal – control. Please don’t think for a minute that the revolutionaries leading the demonstrations and riots are interested in police reform. The slogan of ‘reform’ is a trap. Thanks for joining the discussion.

  8. Marge

    I have never been so confused as I presently am after reading & listening to this article. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore.. I trust no one person or government official .

  9. Tina Puls

    Dr. Judy Mikovits is only doing what’s right. She’s a WHISTLE BLOWER that has been blown off. She makes serious allegations that NEED to be heard! Fauci is an enemy of the state and people, along with Gates, Clinton’s & Bush’s! We need to get our rights back and quit believing all these false flags. They are direct attacks on the people not only here in the states but abroad too! Fauci and Gates are criminals that need to be held on charges.

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