False Witness to create Race Conflict in America

May 5, 2020


Filmmaker Joel Gilbert’s documentary, “The Trayvon Hoax”, shows how the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin triggered a wave of animosity from blacks toward whites based on a belief that the shooting was racially motivated. Gilbert reconstructs the event largely from phone records and Tweets which prove that race was not an issue. The most astounding aspect of Gilbert’s investigation is that the primary witness in the case was Trayvon’s girlfriend, Diamond Eugene, but the girl on the witness stand was an impostor who lied about her identity, and gave false testimony. It was her testimony that was used to justify riots in Ferguson and Chicago, and allowed the media to portray America as racist. This documentary will hold your attention through every step of locating the real girlfriend – and then exposing what is arguably the most blatant judicial fraud of history. 2019 Oct 27 –  Source: Highway 61 Entertainment, Joel Gilbert

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  1. Jon

    The Video will no longer play (5/24/20 10:49am East Coast)

    • G. Edward Griffin

      It should be working now. Sorry for the drop out.

  2. Terry Adams

    The video locked up just when it was getting good (which of course means BAD) at around the 45 minute mark.. I can’t get it to play at all now

    • G. Edward Griffin

      The video is unlocked now. Please try again.

  3. Kem Sha-tres

    You have got to check this out!!! A lot of money was put into the production of this, almost 2 hr,, production with lots of travel and money spent with very high quality videos not to mention the research time by Filmmaker Joel Gilbert.
    One obvious note is that this White man has no idea about Black life. He had to get a book to understand the lingo. George Zimmerman should not have had a weapon on his person. Had he not he probably would have ended up with just an ass whippin’!!!
    I can go along with the the part about how Black people’s love for the Democratic Party and perhaps Trayvon Martin was a troubled teenager (how many are not?) not a pristine young innocent boy. But, we should remember that he and his family were/are products of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY, BUT, he did not deserve to die!!! … The interview he did with Zimmerman (about 5 min in the video of an almost 2 hr. video) he identifies him as “a Hispanic looking person”, not mentioning that his father was Jewish. Nor did he go into what he thought his need was to carry a gun. Nothing was mentioned about the State of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law and how easy it is to to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Florida. I COULD GO ON AND ON …

    • G. Edward Griffin

      For the record, we do not agree that Trayvon was the product of racism/white supremacy. That is one of the Communist slogans that simply cannot be allowed to be unchallenged. See Candace Owen’s response to that on 2020 June 7. We also are compelled to note that none of the objections made by Kem have anything to do with the main point of the documentary, which is the uncovering of a gigantic judicial fraud deliberately committed to create animosity between races in America, which is the current goal of the leaders of the Antifa and BLM movements.

      • Ian Bruce Moore

        I thought it was as well documented video that showed a side that the main media never shows. There are always two side to a story. Thankfully this is one.

  4. Virginia

    I found this excellent and informative. Thank you. Look what’s being stirred up now. Black citizens are being taken advantage of terribly. As are the rest of us. God bless America and all Americans.

  5. Jon Nellis

    Well, what does one say, every decision a person makes has consequences. The truth is we all choose to create the world around us. Law of attraction applies. The second amendment has one fundamental concept. The right of self defense.
    How ever; carrying, concealed or not, legal or not, has a plethora of RESPONSIBILITIES. Like; situational awareness and risk management.
    Just as choosing to run with gangs and deal in drugs, mad duckets and dead presidents yo, easy money right? Why put yourself in that position in the first place.
    A long time glorified by media, movies and music, and not at all specifically or ethnically based. Italian, Irish, African, it does not matter, some of the very wealthy and powerful of the 20th century were rum runners, and opium dealers, that parlayed and bought their way into the more legal forms of racketeering, even the presidency, senate and congressional seats.

    I admit disgust each time the white supremacy, / privileged and racists card is played. It has been my privilege?, to work 40 -70 a week for 35 plus years, and pay 40% in taxes to the welfare state and twice the cost of my home in felonious usury interest to those poor and destitute corporate bankers.

    It is really simple. You want that balderdash to end? STOP focusing on that which divides. Stop breathing life into it, stop talking about it. It is will disappear on its own with each generation that refuses to acknowledge it. Why not focus on what and whom created the macrocosm of hate division and subjugation in the first place? Why not fight about what unites us?

    Yet we all know that such vitriol is a tool of the real bigots and tyrants. ELITISTS and Collectivists. Xenophobia and tribal exclusion is Elitism. This is taught, and learned behavior. Including deifying gangster life and the behavior that goes with it. The love of power. I mean you really can not blame these juveniles, the really are only emulating the governments own behavior.
    Forceful coercion, and elitist inclusion extorting unearned sustenance.

    I feel true remorse at the useless loss of a fellow human, and the suffering of those connected to the event. None of it necessary, all of it a waste of unknowable potential. We are not separate, we are not dissimilar at the core. We all want Life, Liberty, and a fair shot at Happiness. Most of us want to earn it. Good moral humans tend to live that way. I guarantee they were taught that way as well. Diatribe over, God knows you get what you earn.

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