Live stream October 10 – 11.  Replay October 12 – November 11 – Extended through November 30

This two-day event can be seen here the same as if you had attended. It includes interludes between sessions, during lunch breaks, and before the Expo begins. Some of these segments will include activities and comments not intended for broadcast. These will be removed eventually but, in the replay phase, you can skip over them by dragging the position arrow at the bottom of the screen. For full-screen viewing, click on the multi-arrow button on the bottom-right of the video screen. The program schedule can be accessed from the menu at the top of this page. The Expo eventually will be edited into separate presentations and included in DVD and flash drive albums for those who want to have it in their personal library. They also will be posted to the archives of Red Pill University where you will be able to access them in perpetuity.
To facilitate navigating through two days of programming, this replay has been divided into blocks of two hours each. In some cases, that will result in a presentation starting in one block but ending in another. The navigation control will allow you to move from one block to another, and it will appear at the top of the video screen whenever you move your cursor over the video. It will go away when you move your cursor out of the video. Click on the v symbol to select blocks from the list.
NOTE: Due to technical problems beyond our control, Part of the audio in block 7 was missing. However, it has been recovered from a secondary recording and has been restored. A portion of Dr. Martin’s presentation also was silent, but we are attempting to restore that also. Thanks for your patience. Because of the delayed availability of these segments, the closing date has been extended through the end of November to be sure that everyone has ample time to see the entire program at their convenience.
G. Edward Griffin.