We always are on the lookout for crusading authors, researchers, teachers, and dynamic public speakers who resonate with our mission. If you would like to be a speaker at our events, use this form to explain the topic on which you would like to speak, why you think it would be of interest, and please include a short bio. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Here is what you need to know.

Red Pill Expo is our primary public event currently held two times each year. Based on the Red-Pill meme popularized by the sci-fi movie, The Matrix, its purpose is to dispel the illusions that prevent us from achieving life fulfillment and human dignity.

All executives and other decision makers are volunteers. They do not receive salaries or participates in profits. Speakers also are volunteers, even though many of them are professionals who normally receive an honorarium. They all donate their time and talent because they want to be part of this movement.

The benefits offered to speakers and the extent to which their expenses are covered are as follows:

Academic Speakers – those who have nothing to monetize except their own books or recordings – receive a complimentary premium-level ticket to the event with an additional ticket for a companion upon request. Primary meals during the event are covered by this ticket. Hotel accommodations are provided. Commercial transportation is provided for one person. Speakers receive a free exhibit table upon request. A still image of speaker’s personal message will be projected on screen during program interludes.

⚫ Monetized Speakers – those who benefit from the promotion of products, services, memberships, or subscriptions – receive a complimentary premium-level ticket to the event with an additional ticket for a companion upon request. Primary meals during the event are covered by this ticket. Speakers are responsible for their own travel and hotel accommodations. They receive a free exhibit table. Speakers’ brochures will be placed in attendee’s bags. A still image of speaker’s promotional message will be projected on screen during program interludes. During presentation, mention of speaker’s web-site links will be captured by audio and video for the Red Pill University Archives where it will be accessed online in perpetuity. It also will be included in DVD versions of the event distributed by Reality Zone.*

⚫ Sponsored Speakers – those who are  Sponsors or produce auxiliary events – are on the same basis as Monetized Speakers.

When considering the content of a presentation for our events, please be mindful that our audiences may be significantly different from those to which you are accustomed. The difference is they are international in composition (especially when our online presence is considered) and they represent many faiths. Therefore, program content should deal as much as possible with issues and challenges that are of concern to all, regardless of their nationality or religion.

When dealing with issues that focus primarily on one’s own country, we should try to present them in context of a similar challenge in all countries. If speakers wish to express their personal religious faith, we ask them to make it clear that this expression is not the official doctrine of the Expo. An important goal of these events is to bring together people of all nations, cultures, races, religions, genders, economic statuses, and lifestyles. To ask them all to stand and pledge allegiance to one national flag or bow their heads in public prayer pegged to one religion may be gratifying to those whose nation and religion are honored but is a significant barrier to unity.

The only concept on which we can build a true global coalition for liberty is the universal longing to be free of state or institutional control over our personal lives. There is no natural law that gives us the right to use coercion against other human beings other than to defend lives, liberty, or property. Therefore, we should avoid using the coercion of group pressure, as exists in any public gathering, to force attendees to pretend to give allegiance or prayer that is contrary to their conscience. Doing so, not only is a famous tactic of collectivism to which we are opposed, but also stops us from building the coalition we need.

In summary, please feel free to express national pride and religious convictions, if doing so is important for your message, but be sure to make it clear to the audience that these expressions are yours, not necessarily those of other speakers, Red Pill Expo, its attendees, or sponsors.

If you would like to speak at one of our events, please submit a brief description of your proposed topic, and a bio, to [email protected].


* We ask that promotional content during the presentation be subtle and short to avoid being perceived as an infomercial.