Refund Policy

Cancellation by registrants

All cancellations by registrants will be honored in full except those made so close to the event that it is not possible to adjust our obligation to vendors, such as guaranteed purchase of meals based on ticket sales. That usually occurs 14 days before the event. Prior to that, registrants have five refund options:

  1. Receive a full, cash refund. BUT WAIT! Please consider the following four options that not only allow funds to remain in the service of the Red-Pill mission but may please you in other ways as well.
  2. Receive credit for 120% of your ticket price applied to future Red-Pill events.
  3. Receive credit for 120% of your ticket payment applied to enrollment as a Patron at Red Pill University. If you already are enrolled as such, the credit will be applied to extend your enrollment. If you are not now a Patron, the credit will cover your initial enrollment at whatever level you choose. If you are not clear about why you would want to be a Patron, the answer is here.
  4. Donate your payment to our scholarship fund for students and others who, otherwise, could not afford to attend Red Pill Expos.
  5. Donate your payment to Red Pill University for the development of future educational projects.





Cancellation by force majeure

Requests because of event cancelation due to natural disaster, civil disorder, political decree, or any other cause beyond control of Red Pill Expo will be honored in accordance with the following policy: The same options will apply as described previously, but the cash-refund option will be reduced by the pro-rata share of unrecoverable expenditures. For example, if total ticket sales are $50,000 and total unrecoverable expenditures for the event are $25,000, the loss from force majeure would be 50% of the total. Therefore, cash refunds would be 50% of the ticket price.

To initiate a refund in accordance with any of these options, please use the chat service that appears at the bottom of the Red Pill Expo site or call 805-497-0685. Thank you.

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