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           Join with us and learn about hidden agendas behind wars, political corruption, legalized plunder, criminal health care, culture chaos and more.             Do not let the theater of crisis frighten you into isolation.             The future belongs to those who run to the battle, not away from it.

June 15th & 16th, +17 optional, 2024 ~ Rapid City, South Dakota



The Red Pill meme is based on the 1999 sci-fi movie, The Matrix, in which humans live in a state of illusion, not reality, and they must take the red pill to see the world as it really is.

G. Edward Griffin is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island and World without Cancer and the Founder of Red Pill University and Red Pill Expo.

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Rapid City, South Dakota ~ 2024 June 15 – 16

Optional activities ~ June 17

Returning speakers have new topics!

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G. Edward Griffin, Expo Chairman, author of Creature from Jekyll Island & World without Cancer. Topic: Cancer: Man Causes it. Nature Eliminates it.

Richard Gage, Architect, is the founder & former CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Topic: Gaza: The Astounding Parallels with 9/11

A thousand thanks to Ben Garrison for creating and donating this amazing poster.

David Webb, author of The Great Taking, discloses how banks plan to legally take possession of all your securities and real estate property. 

Dr. Bryan Ardis, the man who blew the whistle on Remdesivir and on snake venom in vaccines: Venom, venom in the air, in our meds and everywhere.

Lee Merritt, MD, past President of the Assoc. of American Physicians & Surgeons: The Disease Delusion; Welcome to the Truman Show

Aaron Day is an author, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and political activist. Topic: The CBCD Illusion – Chains of Slavery Disguised as Money

Alex Newman, author, journalist, member of Freedom Force Council: The Best Enemy Money Can Buy – You Can’t Have a War without One.

Jonathan Couey, PhD, has taught biology at universities in Norway and the University of Pittsburgh Medical School: Why the Covid Narrative is Impossible

Andrew Kaufman, MD, advocate of the Terrain Theory of disease and critic of the Covid narrative: How to Win the Chemical War against Masculinity.

An0maly, a news analyst & Hip-Hop artist! has a billion views on his channel: From Hip-Hop to Reality Media– Learning how to Build a Following.*

Robert Brame, forensic arborist: It’s not Just California. Forest Fires in Canada, Hawaii, and around the World Burn Everything Except Trees.*

Born in Fire; The Great Maui Land Grab: author, Michelle Melendez, reveals evidence that the fires in Maui were to clear the land for a so-called Smart City.

Joe Banister was a former gun-carrying Special Agent with the IRS who quit the IRS in 1999 to expose the fact that income tax is fraudulent.

Sarah Westall, author, journalist, Big-Tech refugee, computer scientist: Mind Control & 5th-generation warfare; You are More Vulnerable Than you Think.

Stacy Olinger is a real estate fund manager and a homeschooler mom. Great Reasons to Home-school Your Kids That you Probably Never Considered

Robert Scott Bell, a Homeopathic Doctor and also event MC: His topic is: The Four Horsemen of Inflammation Apocalypse Plus One

No, this is not a speaker. It’s a truth seeker hoping to deprogram himself at the Expo so he can be free of the Matrix and become human again

Perhaps it’s time to pack up the car and take an old fashioned cross-country trip – just like the good old days. See America from the ground for a change. Drive through the mountains and prairies. Visit historic places. If not now, when?

If you don’t have a bi-plane or blimp, rent a car at the airport to get to your hotel and to do some serious sightseeing. From air or ground, S. Dakota beckons.

* Exclusive message for this conference delivered by video.

   Optional Activities on Monday June 17

These sessions are free to Expo attendees. Tickets are not needed, but reservations with hosts are recommended to ensure that space is available. Livestream will not include these sessions.

*They will be held in the Holiday Inn Rapid City – Convention Center Hotel*

How to Form a Red-Pill University Campus in your Community

8 am breakfast optional at $20. Session begins at 8:45 and ends at 10:15. G. Edward Griffin and team organizers of Red Pill University will explain the function and goals of RPU campuses and how to organize them in local communities. For you movers-and-shakers out there who are ready to walk the talk of liberty, this is what you have been looking for. 

Learn how Americans can legally reject paying federal income taxes and make the IRS honor that exemption. 

10:30 am to 5:30pm. Peymon Mottahedeh, President of Freedom Law School, will hold a free seminar. Do Americans have to feed and give part of their labor to the same people in Washington D.C who have waged wars they don’t want, destroyed their freedom, and physically injured their bodies? Is there a way out of this self-enslavement? Here is an opportunity for Americans to step into the shoes and follow the path of their Founding Fathers to take back their money and their power so their freedom can be restored. More information here.

Learn how Americans can use affidavits to defend themselves against rogue government officials. 

11:00 am to 2:45. Jack and Margy Flynn will teach how to use knowledge of common law and constitutional principles to stand their ground against tyranny in the courtroom. Their method has produced thousands of victories. In this session, they will explain, step-by-step, how to create and serve affidavits.

Networking Hangout: Wear your event badge if you want to network with others to participate in a Red Pill Campus. 

11:00 am to ??? The one thing collectivists fear is that individualists will get off their couches, away from their TV sets, disconnect from their computers, and come together face-to-face to create a powerful ideological and cultural movement capable of opposing them in every community. This is where the real action begins.

Here you can access presentations from all previous Expos – a treasure trove of illusions dispelled and realities revealed.



Here are some of our favorite photos from previous events. Each one is worth a thousand words.

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