Exhibitor Registration ~ 2024 ~ Rapid City, SD

The physical arrangement of the following options makes comparison easy, but does not work well when viewed on tablets or phones. Full-screen laptops or desktops are recommended for this function.

Exhibitors also receive FREE access to Livestream & Replay.
During your purchase you will create an account at Red Pill University giving you access to the livestream and replays. The instructions are in the process and an email with your log in details will follow.

Coalition Exhibitor

See footnote for description

Commerce Exhibitor

See footnote for description

Featured Exhibitor

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All exhibitors receive an 8-10′ exhibit space (long, not square) depending on location, a 6-8′ table, tablecloth, chairs, waste removal, one General-Admission ticket, and the projection of one image (provided by exhibitor) on the main screen during interludes. They also receive $100 credit toward a General-Admission or VIP ticket for each of up to 3 additional people connected to their exhibits. These credits are reflected in the prices shown above (orders must be placed using these buttons to receive discount). The included General-Admission ticket can be upgraded to VIP for the difference in price. Electrical service is available at $100 for each outlet. If you need this service, add it during checkout, alternatively you can call us at 805-497-0685, or send email to [email protected].

All signage must be on the table or on floor stands. Monster banners, wall-projected images, and floor decals are reserved for sponsors.

More information can be found on the Exhibitor FAQ Page. 

COALITION EXHIBITORS are those in harmony with the Red Pill Mission and supported mainly by donations, membership dues, or sale of mission-oriented educational materials.

COMMERCE EXHIBITORS are those with any other products or services not in conflict with the spirit of the Red Pill mission.

FEATURED EXHIBITORS are those who wish to deliver a 3-minute Elevator Speech from the main stage – during which they can introduce themselves, explain what they have to offer, and invite attendees to visit their exhibits. Limited to the first 12 to register.

For assistance, use LiveChat at the bottom of this screen or call us at 1-805-497-0685.



As stated elsewhere, Red Pill Expo does not censor information or opinion even if it is in opposition to the principles to which the movement is dedicated. That does not mean, however, that everyone is entitled to be a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor at our events. The Expo reserves the right to limit these influential positions to those who are not in conflict with the Creed of Freedom, who agree to the Expo Rules of Conduct, who are professionally ethical, who respect the mores of the community, and who are not likely to disrupt or discredit our events.

Applying this general rule to specific cases requires that we examine, not only the slogans and stated goals of individuals or organizations, but their ideology and ethical standards as well. If the underlying ideology is any variant of collectivism, such as Socialism, Communism, Nazism, or Fascism, it would conflict with The Creed of Freedom. If its ethical standards embrace deception or hidden agendas, it would not respect the ethical mores of the community. If an individual or organization advocates not just defensive but offensive force and violence in pursuit of its goals, it would be in violation of The Creed of Freedom and likely would cause confrontation and violence at our events.

For these reasons, individuals or groups that militantly support any variant of collectivism, serve hidden agendas, or advocate aggressive force and violence are not eligible to be a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor of Red Pill Expo.


We are advocates of the free market in which open and fair competition benefits consumers with the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible prices. Therefore, we do not prohibit exhibitors from offering similar products or services from competing brands or even multiple vendors of the same brand. All we require is that signage and literature must not include anything that implies an official connection to the brand that is not authentic and everyone must follow the Code of Conduct.

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