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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?
Who do I call for help?
Chat feature found on each page of the website
Email: [email protected]
How do I know about the Next Expo? Other events?
All announcements are sent via email. Join the email list here.
We are advocates of the free market in which open and fair competition benefits consumers with the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible prices. Therefore, we do not prohibit exhibitors from offering similar products or services from competing brands or even multiple vendors of the same brand. All we require is that signage and literature must not include anything that implies an official connection to the brand that is not authentic and everyone must follow the Code of Conduct.
There are four ways to gain access to the live stream:
(1) Purchase a Live Stream ticket, above, and see the event as it happens – and at least three-months of replay afterward. This is a one-time transaction.
(2) Attend the event in person and receive a three-month enrollment at Red Pill University as a Live Stream Guest, which will give you access to the replay for the duration of the enrollment. This also will give you access to previous Expos posted during this time (as available). This, also, is a one-time transaction.
(3) Accept a 30-day free-trial for a continuing enrollment at Red Pill University at the Mentor level or above with no up-front payment required. Naturally, we hope you will be so impressed by our program that you will want to continue, primarily to support our educational mission, but there is no obligation to do so. You can cancel at any time – and you can do this within your account right on the Internet. If you are not enrolled as a Patron at the Mentor level or above and would like to do so, go to the RPU web site, ‘Take the Tour’ (which is a prominent option on the home page), and then click on ENROLL in the top menu on any page. Or, if you want to skip the tour and go directly to the enrollment, click here.
(4) If you already are a Patron of RPU at the Mentor level or above, no further action is required. You can access all of this by going to the RPU web site ( and logging in.
(1) The “login” option is on the main (top) menu of every page on Red Pill Expo website.
(2) Login directly at Red Pill University and the “Watch Expo” option will be under Red Pill Expo in the main menu. If you do not see “Watch Expo” it did not recognize your login; make sure the login completed (the login option will no longer be there), refresh your page (F5), or contact us to review your account.
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