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Intro to Sponsorship at Red Pill Expo

Sponsors are independent exhibitors who wish to support the Red-Pill coalition and have high visibility at Red Pill Expos. Red Pill Exhibitors and Sponsors are not authorized to claim or imply that they are agents or business associates of the other party.

Sponsorship does not automatically include a featured spot on the program, but those with strong red-pill content will be favorably considered.

(a) SPONSORS receive all benefits of Featured Exhibitors plus placement of floor decals at the booth if desired, a half-page advert in the event program, logo placement in the Sponsor’s section of the home page of the web site, broadcast of sponsor-produced three-minute video message to live-stream audience during 8 coffee breaks and 2 lunch breaks, 2 VIP tickets, and 5 General-Admission tickets for staff or clients.

(b) PREMIUM SPONSORS receive all benefits of Sponsors, two exhibit spaces if requested, a full-page advert in the event program, 4 VIP tickets and 10 General-Admission tickets.

(c) EVENT SPONSORS receive all benefits of Premium Sponsors, three exhibit spaces if requested, a choice of exhibit location if not previously allocated, a logo on the program cover, 1 vertical banner stand on mainstage provided by sponsor, 6 VIP tickets, and 15 General Admission tickets for staff or clients.

Call 805-497-0685 or email [email protected] for more information.



Red Pill Expo does not censor information or opinion even if it is in opposition to the principles to which the movement is dedicated. That does not mean, however, that everyone is entitled to be a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor at our events. The Expo reserves the right to limit these influential positions to those who are not in conflict with the Creed of Freedom, who agree to the Expo Rules of Conduct, who are professionally ethical, who respect the mores of the community, and who are not likely to disrupt or discredit our events.

Applying this general rule to specific cases requires that we examine, not only the slogans and stated goals of individuals or organizations, but their ideology and ethical standards as well. If the underlying ideology is any variant of collectivism, such as Socialism, Communism, Nazism, or Fascism, it would conflict with The Creed of Freedom. If its ethical standards embrace deception or hidden agendas, it would violate The Code of Conduct and would not respect the ethical mores of the community. If an individual or organization advocates not just defensive but offensive force and violence in pursuit of its goals, it would be in violation of The Creed of Freedom and likely would cause confrontation and violence at our events.

For these reasons, individuals or groups that militantly support any variant of collectivism, serve hidden agendas, or advocate aggressive force and violence are not eligible to be speakers, exhibitors, or sponsors of Red Pill Expo.


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Video: Red Pill Expo promo for sponsors


Intro to Sponsorship of Red Pill University

Do you want to do more than be a Patron? Would you like to help RPU grow? Do you feel more people need to know? There are many ways you can help.

  • One time monetary sponsorship… Let us know what you have in mind and we will create an “invoice” for you to pay via credit card or cryptocurrency. If you want a different payment option let’s talk about it.
  • Recurring monetary sponsorship (amount other than shown in enrollments)… We will create a special sponsor “membership” just for you.
  • Campus sponsorship… Coming Soon
  • Expo sponsorship… see above

Video: Red Pill Expo promo for sponsors


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