Peter McCullough, MD, is interviewed on the X22 Report and responds to questions that cut to the core of the explosive global increase of deaths following the introduction of new and untested Covid vaccines. Dr. McCullough is one of the world’s most widely respected medical experts who has over 500 professional papers published in scientific journals. He has been in the forefront of saving the lives of Covid victims through early treatment and simple therapies that have been withheld from the general public. For this, he has become a lightning rod for attacks by those who are responsible for these crimes. Be aware that he does not challenge the traditional virus theory of disease or, at least, does not do so in this interview, which is wise because it thereby keeps the focus on the blatant criminality of those who are involved in a conspiracy to defraud, maim, and kill. The true identity of Covid and other “infectious” diseases is important because, if they are not infectious at all and are caused, not by an infectious agent that has grown powerful but by a defense agent that has grown weak, then almost everything Big Pharma has to sell is useless or harmful. That, however, is another topic. In this testimony, the focus is on the crime, not the weapon. 2023 April 22. Source: X22 Report.

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