Government Fascism at the Trucker’s Protest in Ottawa

Mar 14, 2022


You don’t have to live in Canada to be outraged by what unfolds in this video. The action speaks for itself. at the end, pay close attention to the comments from a survivor of the Holocaust. 2022 March 12- Source: Solari Report

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  1. Jon Nellis

    Well, as Albert Einstein was credited for saying, ” You can not solve the problems you have created with the same line of thinking that created them..”

    In truth, complacency pure and simple, is your culprit. The protest was a magnanimous example of reactionary implementation of human rights. Bravo. How ever it is still a reactionary measure. It does not change what lead to the necessity of the protest in the first place. So… the quote above applies.

    It matters not how many times you vote these professional politicians in or out. Left, right, red, blue, etc,THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS. Think clearly. They accept your surrendered rights. They take more. You protest. They react with force. No surprise. This is the same thought process for centuries.

    The only NON VIOLENT way to reform is to take away their life blood and nullify their control. MONEY. Take it back from the bankers by refusing to accept a deficit life style. Stop selling your physical labor to the cheapest bidder, if you can work together in the brilliant fashion that was that protest, imagine what you could accomplish by working together to feed and care for each other LOCALLY so as not to need their ECONOMIC SYSTEM of control.

    Think about it, and change your perspective, liberty IS yours, they can not TAKE it, you must surrender it by participating in their SYSTEM. Liberty is creating your OWN system.

  2. Alejandro Villa

    Hi Your content in G Edward Griffin´s Need To Know is being blocked by self appointed censors called “worldfence”. When I click on “continue reading” a page with “Forbidden” on it show up and block the content. I tried contacting you via the contact button on Need to Know but there is Wordfence again. That is why I used this site. I just thought you need to know this best

    • Jon Nellis

      No surprise, if your intended response was to me, I have been in and out of this “game” for decades and thought this site may be different as to the accolades of their poster child Mr. Griffin. I am interested in solutions and propagating a better world for everyone who treasures their autonomy. it has become obvious and no surprise this is not the mission here, they peddle fear and gossip to sell t- shirt and coffee mugs. Not one valid solution so far, only monetized platforms. LOL we are using the tool most easily censored to try and fight things like censorship, Einstein was right.

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