Idea Pathogens are Killing Common Sense

Apr 21, 2022


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You don’t have to live in Canada to be outraged by what unfolds in this video. The action speaks for itself. at the end, pay close attention to the comments from a survivor of the Holocaust. 2022 March 12- Source: Solari Report

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  1. Jon Nellis

    Well, commonsense has left the building a very long time ago.

    Humans are humans, and humans are programmable. Humans also seem to have some basic prime directives. Humans are a product of their environment and this includes their education. Humans have been inventing stories to explain the inexpiable for EVER. When science began to explain, the stories changed to follow suit. Copernicus, Galileo, etc, Clinging to the past to preserve power and control is nothing new as well as the violent denial of reformation often implemented. INFORMATION the opposite of IGNORANCE.

    It would also seem a great majority of humans LIKE it that way. They yearn to be free of responsibility and autonomy and relinquish sovereignty with ease.

    Control of information is more important then all the bullets and bombs in the worlds arsenals. You could have a world of abundance and equanimity, equally apportioned through out the entire populace where the wealth and well being was distributed in a just manner based on impetus. All that is required is INTEGRITY and effort woven into the education.

    Instead; we have a world based on greed, power, control and corruption where only a relatively few decide for the rest of us. Why? INFORMATION manipulated. Superstitious sentimentality and perpetual hate and division propagated by ONE seminal paradigm. YOU are NOT the AUTHORITY. (and you like it that way) Personally I would say that is fine with me, and that is your choice have at it. But inevitably the doors close on the rest of us who will not accept this program. Painted into the proverbial corner by democracies lethargy.

    The comforts and convenience of a COLLECTIVE society where the electrons are flowing are irrefutable. However, there would be NONE of that with out the INDIVIDUAL sweat that produces those fruits. Oh well, think for yourselves, or suffer the inevitable, you earned it. Unfortunately the rest of us who treasure our autonomy and sovereignty that built your opulent existence will share you selfish ignorant fate.

    All humans have similar basic desires for; PEACE, PROSPERITY, and POSTERITY. Governance is supposedly instituted among humans to assure and protect said ethos. Deriving its power from YOUR consent. So choose, are you the authority? Or; are you a little spoiled brat child who can not deal with being and adult and the responsibility accompanying that accolade.

  2. Jon Nellis

    Still waiting patiently for productive solutions, have also been informed of selective censorship, ie, one is able to see ones posting, as normal, but know one else sees it? or it is being blocked by word fence? Does Mr Griffin even participate here any more? I understand he is 90 years old but I was under the impression from all the rhetoric that this would be a productive place to inform and converse and unite. Yet there are only like 7 people, and the “inform” is nothing but slanted fear porn? All people want is to hate the jew, thump their bible, and wise crack snarky remarks about the players in the “fear porn”. Where are ALL the objective like minded individuals? Then there is absolutely NOTHING from the Freedom Farce International. Hello? Perhaps I have my answer illustrated by what I see, or is it what YOU let me see? Either way why am I not surprised?

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