Plandemic, the Movie, the Testimony of Dr. Judy Micovitz

May 22, 2023


This is the first in a series of blockbuster documentaries produced by Mikki Willis on the topic of Covid-19. It is based on an in-depth interview with Dr. Judy Mikovitz, the whistleblower who exposed the highly unethical activities of Dr. Anthony Fauci, with whom she worked during the AIDS era. From that vantage point, the documentary reveals that the spurious Covid pandemic was merely a re-play of the AIDS fraud with the same playbook and many of the same actors again on stage. This video, although it was quickly banned on YouTube, was copied and distributed by other Internet video channels and, almost overnight, received more views than any previous video in history – and it continues to be in incredibly high demand. 2023-May-22 Source:

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You can view this video from multiple sources. Cached versions are adjusted for optimum quality, if needed, and they provide access if primary sources fail.

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