Everything They are Doing to Control COVID-19 is Wrong

Apr 23, 2020


Professor Knut Wittkowski, former head of the Department of Epidemiology at Rockefeller University, speaks out against the fact that the international team directing strategies to protect against COVID-19 is violating every standard protocol for the control of contagious diseases. He reminds us that the only thing that stops any respiratory disease is herd immunity. The faster that happens, the fewer deaths there will be. Children are highly resistant to these diseases, but the elderly are highly vulnerable. Also, an amazingly high percentage of those who contract the virus will never know it, and most of the others will have symptoms no more troublesome than fatigue or a cough. He concludes that special care should be provided for the elderly and those who have other health conditions but, after that, everyone needs to get in proximity with each other to accelerate the spread of the virus so herd immunity can be achieved as quickly as possible. Trying to prevent the spread by isolation, social distancing, closing schools, and shutting down business is the opposite of what should be done. In the end, this will cause far more deaths – not to mention the hardships that will flow from paralyzing the economy. His parting thought is that people are more docile than they should be and, if we don’t stand up and demand our rights to freedom of travel, freedom of speech, and freedom over our own health practices, we will lose them all. 2020 April – Source: EvidenceNotFear

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  1. jackriedel

    Could someone PLEASE help me? I just bought the mentor level enrollment and I cannot load most of the videos and play them – could someone PLEASE send me instructions or a place where I can BUY the videos? Thanks! [email protected]com – Jack

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Hello, Jack. Thanks for becoming a Patron of Red Pill University. The financial support is greatly needed and deeply appreciated. The videos were all taken down by Vimeo several weeks ago, and it is a very slow process getting them uploaded and configured to the new platform, so please bear with us. Most of the single presentations from previous Red Pill Expos still are not mastered to DVDs or thumb drives – but they will be as soon as we can do it. Unfortunately, I have to do most of the preparation work myself, and I have much on my plate. At present, we do have DVD albums at http://www.realityzone.com for the 2017 Red Pill Expo (10 disks) and Global Warming; An Inconvenient Lie (6 disks). Of course, we have a lot of other great programs available also. Thanks again for your support – and your patience as we get back up to speed. If any of these programs are of interest to you, please contact me at [email protected] so I can send you a 15% discount coupon code for becoming a Patron.

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