How Nazis and Socialists Conquered America

Mar 25, 2021


This is the personal testimony of Kitty Werthmann who saw Hitler’s rise to power in pre-war Austria. He did not conquer by force. He was eagerly welcomed by the people because the Nazis promised free health care, guaranteed income, unemployment benefits, free nursery care, equality for all, gun control, and other enticements that, since WWII, have become deeply embedded in the American political system. Americans did not learn from the mistakes of the German people, and now must pay a horrific price for their error. 2013 May 11 – Source: Paul Revere

The audio of Kitty’s presentation is available on CD as one of three lectures in Volume Three of the Audio Archives. The audio version is called Lesson from Austria and can be obtained at The Reality Zone

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You can view this video from multiple sources. Cached versions are adjusted for optimum quality, if needed, and they provide access if primary sources fail.

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  1. Ryan Mills

    How many parallels did you draw? Recognize the ‘power centers’ Mr. Griffin mentioned in his speech about pirates taking over the ship?

  2. Jon Nellis

    Of course it is…….if the recipe works??? You do not have to be IVY league educated to extrapolate the parallels. Read the declaration of independence, mein kampf, communist manifesto, and orwell. That is all that is necessary, the script is being followed almost to the letter. Almost absolute nationalistic pride, corporate socialism, extreme hate and division, all that is missing is the economic crash begging for a savior………stay tuned.

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