The Money Gods – How Fascism Came to America

Oct 2, 2021


Historian and journalist F. William Engdahl delivers in one lecture an amazingly comprehensive overview of international capital concentration and capture of governments culminating in global fascism. This is based on the classic definition of fascism as corporate control of government, the means of production, property, and all human activity. Yes Virginia, things are not what they seem to be. This is a history lesson you do not want to miss. 2013 Sept 20 – Source: abzu root

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  1. Jon Nellis

    again, no surprise, this has been going on for over 140 plus years examples in print and film.”the wizard of oz” “it’s a wonderful life” “freedom to fascism” “the big short” to name a few. Value is based on productive labor, the effort exerted to bring a commodity or service to fruition. Money is a tool that represents said effort, and is designed to ease that exchange of products or services. It is not value itself other than what we assign it. Unfortunately this gnosis has been lost or reprogrammed for centuries, hence the manipulable fiat system remanded to the private central bankers. Et voila an malleable and corruptible weaponized version of control through the money creation and supply. Of course I may be errant, it is known to happen.

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