Approximately 85% of the population are kind, generous, and respectful of the rights and dignity of their fellow humans. About 15% are the predator class: those with a strong instinct for plunder and dominance. They are attracted to organizations that influence the flow of money and power – such as corporations, political parties, media platforms, educational systems, labor unions, organized churches, banking institutions, and governments. Those in the first group, although they know the second group exists, find it difficult to believe that sociopaths and psychopaths would ever succeed in rising to positions of influence in such important organizations. That is a grave error of judgement, as the presentations listed below will demonstrate. Other categories can be accessed below:


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G. Edward Griffin Answers Tough Questions 5 (34)

G. Edward Griffin Answers Tough Questions 5 (34)

Mr. Griffin answers tough questions from listeners to Scott Shara’s podcast, Deprogramming with Grace’s Dad. Topics explored include Good vs. Evil, The Real Cause of Cancer, Why...

New Freedom Media Will Also be Controlled 4.8 (52)

New Freedom Media Will Also be Controlled 4.8 (52)

The Amazing Polly has done an excellent job of pulling together all the names and financial connections of the movers-and-shakers behind the movement to create a new establishment media...

Murdered for her bed! 5 (35)

Murdered for her bed! 5 (35)

Dr. Vernon Coleman, self-described as “an old man in a chair”, is a retired medical doctor in the UK with a large international following for his deep-perspective commentaries about the...

Words in Your Head that Aren’t Yours 4.6 (39)

Words in Your Head that Aren’t Yours 4.6 (39)

David Icke plunges into the eerie topic of how technology is used to plant thoughts, opinions, emotions and impulses into the subconscious mind as a pathway to the conscious mind where we...

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